EDGE® Brush Mower by CEAttachments, Inc.

Updated Sep 29, 2010

The EDGE Rotary Brush Mower can cut through the thickest brush and glide over the roughest terrain. The brush mower is light, but built tough enough to handle demanding jobs such as cutting large fields, heavy weeds, undergrowth, brush and small saplings up to 3″ in diameter. Use it to carve trails for horses, snowmobiles, cross-country skiing or biking areas that are usually inaccessible. Standard features include ¼” steel deck pans and bracing channel, and front and rear safety chains. The ½” steel frame for the gearbox and motor is welded to the frame and ensures positive alignment, and the balanced stump jumper means this brush mower will mow down almost anything in its path without stalling. Available for standard flow and high flow skid steers. For more information please contact our friendly staff at (866) 232.8224 or visit our website at www.ceattach.com.

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