Updated Sep 30, 2010

BEDFORD, PA Rockland Manufacturing, based in Bedford, PA, introduces the Klac system the world’s first mechanical quick coupler for mini-excavators from 2,200 lbs to 22,000 lbs (1 to 10 metric tons).  The Klac system reduces the amount of time spent unhitching and hitching attachments because of its simple design with fewer parts that eliminates the need to adjust, service or grease the coupler.  The Klac system is adaptable to any mini-excavator bucket, and its rugged cast steel construction ensures long wear life.   


Owners of mini-excavators historically have dealt with mechanical coupler systems that require safety pins, keys, nuts, cams, seals, thread mechanisms and/or wedges, among other parts.  These systems can be time-consuming to use because they require the operator to leave the cab for unhitching and hitching.  Often the operator must also leave the cab after hitching to adjust slack and/or alignment on the attachment after it is mounted.  In addition, many mechanical coupler systems add length to the angle of the bucket, changing the working geometry of the entire machine and lowering its breakout force.


With the Klac system, the operator unlocks the coupler by pulling a lever.  The Klac system then can lock a new attachment into place automatically, without the need for a safety pin.  The Klac system features double safety levels, using two springs versus one.  Because it follows the original machine’s digging geometry, there is no loss of breakout force.    


While a hydraulic quick coupler is the most efficient coupler type in terms of operation, it is often expensive, with labor-intensive installation. The Klac system offers mini-excavator owners a mechanical coupler that is simple, inexpensive and efficient.


An industry leader in custom equipment, Rockland Manufacturing Company has designed and manufactured high-end, specialty and standard attachments for loaders, bulldozers, excavators, graders and skid steers for 60 years.  The company has built its reputation on its quality custom attachments; simple, straightforward warranties and unparalleled customer service.  Rockland’s custom and specialty products are engineered to fit the customer’s specific application.  Standard attachments are designed to fit all makes of equipment.  The company’s 130 standard products include buckets, thumbs, grapples, blades, rakes and forks.  For more information, contact Rockland Manufacturing Company, P.O. Box 5, Bedford, PA 15522; telephone: 814-623-1115; fax:


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