The new Atlas Copco HB 3600:More performance per kilo and a perfect match to carrier classes.

Updated Sep 30, 2010

The new HB 3600 by Atlas Copco perfectly fits to the 35-63- tonnes carrier weight class. The breaker delivers 46% more performance per kilogramme service weight compared to the average of other hydraulic breakers this class. Compared to competitive products of equivalent weight, the HB 3600 offers a 30% higher efficiency. 

Since the carrier weight classes have become more precise and divided into sub-classes, attachment providers are dared to comply with this trend. with its new heavy duty hydraulic breaker, the HB 3600, Atlas Copco keeps pace, and presents a tool for the perfect fit. “Undersized” or “oversized” compromises are a thing of the past within the class of 35-63 ton carriers. 

Avoiding improper adjustments of carrier and attachment, it is no wonder that the HB3600 offers the best weight/performance ratio of its class. This means that similar results can be obtained with lower breaker weight. And lower breaker weight means, that a smaller excavator can be chosen. Investment cost and cost of ownership decrease. Even in times of high energy, the HB 3600 is contributing to environmental protection and reduced costs for the owner. 

The HB 3600 is provided with further unique Atlas Copco features. Thanks to energy recovery it is possible to exceed a 100% output without increasing the hydraulic input during peak periods. Constant impact energy given, the HB 3600 is able to increase blow frequency and therefore  to boost percussive performance. 

Of course, the HB 3600 comes with all those inbuilt specials which are already known and well received by experts around the world like: PowerAdapt, StartSelect and AutoControl, ContiLube II, DustProtector II and VibroSilenced. The original ProCare service contract completes a power package that simply fits – hundred per cent, to any demand. 


Technical Data                                     HB 3600            HB 3600 Dust

Carrier weight class             t                        35-63                        35-63

Service weight                       kg                        3600                        3600

Oil flow rate                         l/min                        240-300            240-300           

Operating pressure            bar                        160-180            160-180           

Blow frequency                  bpm                        280-560            280-560

Working tool diam.             mm                        170                        170

Useful length of tool            mm                        770                        725 


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Atlas Copco Construction Tools is a division of the Construction and Mining Technique business area. The company is a leading supplier of hydraulic, pneumatic and petrol-driven breakers and drills and of hydraulic breakers and silent demolition tools attached to carrier units. The products are marketed under the brand name Atlas Copco. The equipment is fabricated in Sweden, Germany, India, Bulgaria, China and South Africa and sold via a woldwide operating sales and service organization 

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