Bainter Boom Trencher

Updated Oct 1, 2010

Congratulations! You have found the Bainter Boom Trencher; the most convenient and versatile trencher attachment you can buy. The Bainter Boom Trencher is an adaptable Skid-Steer Attachment suitable for many different applications.  The feature you will first notice is the forward digging capability. The Bainter Boom Trencher is the only trencher on the market with this patented feature.  


We have found that if you ask any skid-steer operator they will tell you that skid steer loaders typically have terrible rear visibility. Why would you want to back up while digging your trenchers in congested jobsites? Here at Bainter Boom Trenchers we believe in making equipment to make your work safer and easier.


Our rugged all steel construction provides for a uniquely durable machine weighing in at twice the weight of our competitors. Trenching depth can easily be changed to dig deeper or shallower as needed for your application. Width extensions for the chain allow digging out to 16′ wide for footing work.  The Bainter Boom Trencher is the Skid-steer attachment that you have been waiting for. 


NEW FEATURES: New for fall 2007 are our backfill blades and 3 point hitch conversion kit.  Now you can use your Bainter Boom Trencher on tractors with category 1 or 2 three point hitches.  You simply attach the conversion brackets and replace the third arm with a hydraulic cylinder. Now you can use the Bainter Boom Trencher even if you do not have a skid steer. Our new backfill blades allow you to easily refill your trenches, simply attach the backfill blades to you boom and make a second pass along the trench with your machine. We have many satisfied customers using our trencher.  

Bainter Boom Trenchers LLC is the sole manufacturer and distributor of this equipment, Contact us for more information or for a detailed quote.

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