WACKER two-cycle rammers offer improved starting with new carburetor

Updated Oct 6, 2010

Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin WACKER has introduced a new carburetor to its popular two-cycle rammers that allows for easier, faster engine starting with less effort.  The new carburetor features a purge bulb that allows the operator to purge air out of the carburetor and replace it with fuel.  Because the fuel is being pulled through rather than forced into the carburetor, there is no danger of over priming.  Should the purge bulb be continuously pumped no flooding or damage will occur to the carburetor or the engine.  The result is improved starting and no risk of flooding the engine. In addition to improved starting, the rammer carburetor improves high temperature performance, which leads to consistent, reliable performance. 


This new easy-start carburetor is available in all of WACKER’s 2-cycle models.   WACKER continues to be the only manufacturer to offer EPA certified two-cycle rammers in the industry and they have proven to be the best choice for productivity, durability and the environment.  WACKER rammers are powered by an exclusive WM 80 engine, the only engine on the market designed specifically for rammers and their tough applications. Because WACKER controls the design and manufacturing of the engine, new technologies are continuously explored to optimize the engine for high performance AND to meet all current and future EPA and European emissions regulations.


WACKER’s most popular rammer series is the BS-2i.  The BS 50-2i, BS 60-2i and BS 70-2i feature WACKER’s exclusive Advanced Injection System (AIS).  These WACKER rammers are designed for performance and to protect the environment and the operator.  Only WACKER’s two-cycle rammers with the advanced oil-injection system offer these innovative advantages, plus the performance of two-cycle technology:

  • 65 hours run time on a tank of oil
  • Lean 120:1 fuel/oil ratio eliminates smoke
  • Low engine oil shutoff
  • No spark plug fouling and carbon buildup
  • Lower poisonous carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emission
  • Fast engine warm up
  • Long shoe stroke
  • More blows per minute
  • Faster travel, more productive
  • Lighter weight, more maneuverable
  • Lower center of gravity
  • No mechanical governor
  • No used oil to dispose of into the environment

The 131-pound, BS 50-2i, the 145-pound BS 60-2i and the 164-pound BS 70-2i offer reduced hand-arm vibration, integrated fuel valve and throttle lever for simple operation, easy starting, and optimized weight balance which lowers the center of gravity for easy operation.

WACKER rammers are the best choice for the compaction of cohesive, mixed and granular soils in confined areas.  They are backed by a complete two-year warranty and WACKER’s market leading field sales and customer support programs.  



Wacker Construction Equipment AG (Munich, Germany) and Neuson Kramer Baumaschinen AG (Linz, Austria) have merged forming a major global manufacturer of light and compact equipment.  As a result of this merger, the USA subsidiary, Wacker Corporation will now offer a line of compact equipment as well as continue to support and expand its complete line of light and climate control equipment designed for the construction, landscape, agricultural, utility, and homeowner markets.  For more information visit please https://www.wackerneuson.com/.

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