Stone Adds A Double Drum Walk-Behind Roller

Stone Construction Equipment, Inc. adds a double-drum Walk-behind Roller to its expansive compaction offering. The model WBR650 Walk-behind Roller features a 25.5″ drum width and hydrostatic transmission for optimum performance on bridge abutments, larger sidewalks, parking lots and road shoulders. It is ideal for confined area compaction, in trenches and general asphalt patching and repair.

The WBR650 is powered by a 10 hp Lombadini diesel engine and includes a back-up recoil start. It has a compaction force of 2925 lbs. with a maximum travel speed of 2.5 miles per hour. The roller has a 10″ curb clearance and 1″ side clearance on both sides for optimum performance tight to curbs and other obstructions.

Centrally located eccentrics evenly distribute the compaction forces over the drums. A low center of gravity delivers superb stability and maximum maneuverability. Both drums drive with a Postitraction System for maximum tractin on inclines. Ergonomically designed controls for speed, direction and vibration are conveniently located and easy for the operator to activate.

Maximum access for serviceability is provided by easily removed covers. The hydraulic and water tanks are also easily removed for cleaning and replacement. The top and bottom frames easily seperate for added access and convenience. Specially designed drain lines can be pulled away from the machine to allow the tanks to be drained easily with little or no mess.

Standard features include a large capacity water tank for asphalt work, an adjustable handle, bypass valve for without starting the engine, and a reverse stop button for safety to stop the machine moving in reverse.

Stone Construction Equipment, Inc a 100% employee-owned American company is a leader in design, manufacture, and marketing of construction equipment. Right Built products distributed worldwide include concrete, mortar, and silo mixers, grout placing systems, hand held compaction equipment, ride-on  and walk-behind asphalt and dirt rollers, trench compactors, power trowels, material handling equipment including lifts and buggies, concrete / pavement and masonry block saws and concrete vibrators and screeds.

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