McLaren Industries Introduces NextGen TDF Tracks Specifically Engineered for Compact Track Loaders

Updated Oct 8, 2010

McLaren Industries introduces the NextGen TDF series, a patent-pending line of heavy-duty rubber tracks crafted specifically for compact track loaders. The tracks have been engineered to counteract cracks, cuts and wear better than traditional tracks while also providing a smoother ride. 


Traditionally, small cracks and cuts in a set of tracks continue to expand, causing further damage and decreasing service life. With McLaren’s new Crack and Cut Quarantine System, a unique rubber formula incorporated in the NextGen TDF series contains minor damage before it can spread, extending the tracks’ service life. 


Unlike excavator-style tracks that are resized to fit track loaders, NextGen TDF tracks are specifically designed to handle the much greater workload of a rubber track loader. The enhanced rubber formula and belt system also give the series an advantage over traditional tracks. McLaren”s proprietary rubber compound formula extends the service life of NextGen TDF tracks by as much as 50 percent beyond other rubber tracks. Additionally, MeLaren’s SpoolRite Belting, a continuous belt system, dramatically increases the tracks’ tensile strength, making the tracks more durable than the standard continuous wire technique used by most manufactures. 


A unique tread pattern contributes to the NextGen TDF series’ longevity while improving the ride. Traditional patterns leave large areas of the tracks’ body- the most vulnerable part- exposed. The NextGen TDF tracks have been designed to protect the body by limiting exposure. The series incorporates multiple lugs per pitch, rather than the standard single lug. This, combined with the tread’s double offset pattern, enhances the ride while minimizing vibration that can damage the undercarraige. Traditional treads require twice the pitch area to create an offset, and the lugs on the left and right halves of the track overlap, which will only provide a smooth ride on flat surfaces. The NextGen TDF tracks are backed by a full one-year warranty. 


McLaren Industries is a leading supplier of replacementrubber tracks for mini-excavators, track loaders, agricultural machines and carrier vehicles, flat-proof tires for skid steers and backhoes, and over-the-tire tracks for skid steers. For more information concerning McLaren Industries NextGen TDF Series tracks or the company’s complete product line, contact MeLaren Industries, P.O. Box 7506, Torrance, CA 90504, call 310-212-1333, toll free 800-836-0040, fax 310-212-6444, email [email protected] or visit the company’s Web site at

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