McLaren Industries Steel-Enforced Rubber Tracks Provide Durability With Flexibility

Updated Oct 20, 2010

Equipped with durable yet replaceable rubber pads, McLaren Industries HYBRID Series Steel-Enforced Rubber Tracks combine the strength of a steel track with the advantages of rubber tracks. Ideal for compact excavators, the steel-enforced rubber tracks are designed to handle the most extreme ground conditions.  


Virtually unbreakable, McLaren’s HYBRID tracks are composed of a steel track base with a removable rubber pad bolted to each track section. The tracks, which last twice as long as regular rubber tracks, can be used as a direct replacement of the existing rubber tracks on more than 700 makes and models of equipment without changing sprockets, rollers or idlers. McLaren’s tracks don’t require changing undercarriage components, providing for easy installation. 


McLaren’s HYBRID Series tracks provide durability with a long-lasting steel base precision manufactured out of a special alloy. The HYBRID tracks also feature replaceable rubber shoes that ensure excellent ground protection and outstanding traction. Since the rubber tracks don’t need to flex, they can be built out of the toughest rubber compounds for superior service life. As a result, they are stronger and more durable than the rubber used in regular rubber tracks. When the pads do wear out, they can be easily replaced since each pad is held in place by either two or four bolts.  


Utilizing replaceable rubber pads eliminates the downtime associated with broken tracks. Replacing individual pads is quicker, cheaper and easier than replacing the entire track. 


McLaren rubber pads also reduce the noise and vibration typical of steel tracks. The pads significantly reduce ground damage when steel tracked equipment passes over sensitive areas like turf, asphalt and concrete.  


For especially harsh conditions such as demolition sites, rocky soil, gravel and stone, the rubber pads can be removed to create an all-steel track. The HYBRID tracks without pads are well suited for job sites that would ruin any continuous rubber tracks.  

McLaren Industries is a leading supplier of replacement rubber tracks for mini-excavators, track loaders, agricultural machines and carrier vehicles, flat-proof tires for skid steers and backhoes, and over-the-tire tracks for skid steers. For more information concerning McLaren Industries HYBRID Series steel-enforced rubber tracks or the company’s complete product line, contact McLaren Industries, P.O. Box 7506, Torrance, CA 90504, call (310) 212-1333, toll free (800) 836-0040, fax (310) 212-6444, e-mail [email protected] or visit the company’s Web site at

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