In Springtime, Muddy Conditions Demand Traction and Flotation; F-Series Bar Tracks Put Traction First!

Updated Oct 20, 2010

It does little good for a skid steer to float over mud, yet not have the traction to do its job. What is really needed in mud is traction first, then flotation. Grouser over-the-tire tracks have a unique, patented design to increase the traction needed to keep the loader going and also maximize flotation in the available space! Grouser Products continues to concentrate on the product that has made it number one, the result of years of constant product improvements – its “F” Series over-the-tire tracks. No wonder it’s the number one selling track in the world, and the only track recommended by all major skid steer manufacturers!

There are a few recent alternatives on the market that may claim to have the flotation required in spring mud, but none put traction ahead of flotation like Grouser F™ Series over-the-tracks bar tracks. Strong Grouser track bars “pack in” for superior flotation, yet have a patented, self-cleaning design. When Grouser bars come around the top of the tire, mud and clay simply fall away from between them. At the same time, these bars “bite in” to the soft mud to make sure the skid steer keeps moving with plenty of power to do the job at hand.

Even though improvements in Grouser bar tracks over the years may not be very obvious to the eye, they always contribute significantly to added value and customer satisfaction. Innovative, cast Grouser bar track pads have important, built-in benefits – patented, open side plates to permit excellent cleanout in the pivot area and large, 1¼”, hardened, field-replaceable bushings to insure durability. Already excellent flotation has increased 50% over the years and traction has also been steadily improved. With the introduction of the “F” Series several years ago, the pads of Grouser bar tracks were further improved in several ways:

  • Large, 2 inch wide bars have over 30% more material for longer life.
  • Deeper traction bars provide improved track-to-tire grip.
  • Improved sidewall design helps accommodate new, heavy-duty tires.

When flotation, traction and all the improvements are considered, Grouser tracks are now, more than ever, the finest, best performing, most reasonably priced alternative on the market. When the “Metal Meets the Mud”, you’ll want to insist on Grouser bar tracks by name, for many reasons: run-loose design, self-cleaning, maximum traction, 50% ground pressure reduction, thick, durable links and bushings, easy installation and removal, long pad life, and economic rebuilding. Grouser bar tracks with hundreds of hours on them often have more metal left in them than the competition had when new – plus being fully rebuildable. Tracks aren’t just for mud, either. When you want to move hard dirt with a Grouser dozer blade, Grouser tracks give you the traction you’ll need to do a really effective job. You’ll get a smooth ride over rough, uneven ground, and the extra weight will lower the skid steer’s center of gravity for improved handling.


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