STATESVILLE, N.C. ” Doosan Infracore Portable Power offers a full line of Ingersoll Rand portable air compressors equipped to handle the smallest and largest jobs while exceeding customer expectations for efficiency and performance. This powerful line of compressors ranges from 65 to 1600 cubic feet per minute (cfm) and 100 to 350 pounds per square inch (psi). The single-axle compressors feature the world™s most reliable airend, along with couplings designed to facilitate maximum airend and engine performance. The double-axle compressors are built for the biggest jobs, and are available with high-speed running gear or wagon wheel configuration for easy transport.


The Ingersoll Rand P65WK has a compact, lightweight design and is matched for single-tool applications, ideal for the rental market. This 65 cubic feet per minute (cfm), 100 pounds per square inch (psi) compressor utilizes a high performance 23.5-horsepower Kubota diesel engine and has a 6.8-gallon fuel tank. The P65WK weighs only 948 pounds and measures 108.2 inches. Its guaranteed sound power level is 71 decibels, quieter than EPA noise requirements. The machine is designed to work in tight or confined spaces and is ideal for working in residential areas with its compact size and light footprint.


The Ingersoll Rand P250WJDU is a 250 cfm, 100 (psi) air compressor that weighs 2,798 pounds and measures 81.12 inches. The P250WJDU is one of several models in a utility line that can be mounted on a truck bed to meet demands wherever the need. This utility compressor offers curbside access to all controls and monitoring gauges for operator safety and convenience. All fluid drains, level checks and filter access points are easily accessible from the curb as well.


The Ingersoll Rand HP1600 double-axle air compressor will handle customers™ largest jobs. The 1,600-cfm, 150-psi air compressor is the largest air compressor. It weighs 19,090 pounds and measures 222 inches. It is available in high-speed running gear or wagon wheel configuration for easy transport.


Unique warranties for air compressors provide peace of mind after customers make equipment investments. The fully transferable, five-year / 10,000-hour warranty on Ingersoll Rand power trains includes coverage of engines, couplings and airends. Warranties are available free of charge with the use of genuine filters and fluids from an authorized Doosan Infracore Portable Power dealer at prescribed maintenance intervals.


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