STATESVILLE, N.C. ” The Ingersoll Rand AirSource and AirSource Plus portable rotary-screw compressors from Doosan Infracore Portable Power combine the most valued features of the previous generation of compressors with the latest technologies. The corrosion-resistant compressors offer rental customers quality and reliability, with enhanced performance and value.


The AirSource compressor, 160 cubic feet per minute at 100 pounds per square inch, runs off a high-performance 49-horsepower Ingersoll Rand diesel engine with an eight-hour runtime. The AirSource weighs only 1,850 pounds and has two service air ports for multi-tool use, creating the best value in a 160 cubic feet per minute compressor size. The AirSource Plus, 185 cubic feet per minute at 100 pounds per square inch, is for higher-demand applications and is available with either a 62.4-horsepower Ingersoll Rand diesel engine or a 65-horsepower John Deere diesel engine. The AirSource and AirSource Plus come in a compact size, with overall widths of 67 inches and overall heights of 59 inches.


Both the AirSource and the AirSource Plus feature a new modular design canopy. The lockable, lightweight and aerodynamic canopy is made of virtually indestructible composite material. In addition, the compressors™ compact frames and tow bars go through a three-step paint process for excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasion. These two features combined with the composite fenders and rear bumpers provide the best corrosion resistance in the industry.


The AirSource and AirSource Plus were engineered with industry-leading technology, including a cool-box design that enables cool air to enter the rear of the compressor and wash over internal components, keeping internal temperatures low and prolonging component life. The unit comes standard with a new remote separator element, which is a simple, spin-on design that eliminates the need to disassemble the separator tank during routine maintenance and prevents spillage during oil changes.


The remote separator element and largest service access area available in its class add up to make the AirSource and AirSource Plus the easiest compressors on the market to service. Both compressors have an easy-lift, hinged canopy that locks at 45 degrees for convenient tool storage access and everyday maintenance, or opens up completely for full accessibility. This feature makes all potential service points easily accessible without removing the canopy, offering a level of unbeatable serviceability and reducing valuable labor time. 


For safety, the new compressors feature curbside controls and service valves, which keep operators away from traffic while starting the machine and hooking up tools. The valves are located near the toolbox for quick hookup, and the operators are able to execute a one-handed startup even while wearing work gloves. The control panel is accessible and operational with the canopy open or closed.


A two-year / 4,000-hour standard warranty and an extendable five-year / 10,000-hour warranty are available on the Ingersoll Rand engine, coupling, and airend when genuine filters, fluids, and parts from an authorized Doosan dealership are used at the prescribed intervals. An optional five-year / 10,000-hour corrosion warranty is available on the AirSource and AirSource Plus.


Rental customers will particularly be impressed with the low cost of ownership associated with the AirSource and AirSource Plus compressors.  Operators will praise the simplicity and ease of use of these units.  Technicians will enjoy the abundant accessibility of all maintainable parts and the effortless serviceability these compressors offer. AirSource and AirSource Plus compressors have been designed for ultimate satisfaction of rental customers, operators and technicians with dependability, technology, safety and serviceability.


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