Screed Bull Takes Charge

Updated Oct 22, 2010

The Stone Screed Bulls are fast, smooth performers. Lightweight, easy to operate and to maneuver in confined areas. Able to handle a variety of board lengths, these versatile machines can smooth a pour easily and evenly.

It’s all in the patented screed boards with their equilateral triangle shape. They feature the time-tested strength of an equilateral triangle with additional reinforcing, so the boards won’t bend, twist or warp. They are virtually indestructible, even when run over by construction equipment.

The patented geometry of the board enables the operator to cut, consolidate, compact and smooth the concrete to grade. Screed faster. Cut high spots and compact at the same time with the dual vibration, both horizontal and vertical, delivered evenly over the entire length of the board.

Two models deliver the performance in virtually any slump. A heavy-duty professional contractor’s model handles boards to 16 ft. A lighter weight, rental-ready model runs 12 ft. boards with ease. The boards are easy to change out. You can even extend them or connect two Screed Bull’s together to cover a much wider path.

Save money with the Screed Bull’s performance faster, easier, smoother. Save your back with the Screed Bull’s lightweight, easy to maneuver design.

Power units and boards sold separately. Boards available in lengths from 4 ft. to 16 ft.

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