Updated Oct 22, 2010

The Allen Power Vibe and Power Vibe Pro are the ultimate in hand-held gasoline powered concrete vibrators. These lightweight vibrators are user friendly for slabs, pavements, stem walls and foundations while providing excellent consolidation of concrete. The low friction vibrator heads allows for extended run-time outside of concrete without burning up.

The Power Vibe and Power Vibe Pro are almost one half the price of gasoline Back Pack Vibrators with equal the performance.
Power Vibe Series:

Power Vibe Series Power Unit:

(gasoline engine)
Part # Description MSRP*
048776 PV35

(35cc 4-cycle Honda) $695
Power Vibe Series Vibrator Shafts:

(used for 2″ vibrator heads)
Used with 2″ Diameter Vibrator Heads Used with 1″ Diameter Vibrator Heads
Part # Description MSRP* Part # Description MSRP*
048777 Flexible Shaft 2™

(.6m) $125 048783 Flexible Shaft 2™ (.6m) $125
048778 Flexible Shaft 3.5™

(1.06m) $165 048784 Flexible Shaft 3.5™ (1.06m) $165
048779 Flexible Shaft 4™

(1.21m) $175 048785 Flexible Shaft 4™ (1.21m) $175
048780 Flexible Shaft 6™

(1.82m) $225 048786 Flexible Shaft 6™ (1.82m) $225
048781 Flexible Shaft 8™

(2.43m) $275 048787 Flexible Shaft 8™ (2.43m) $275
048782 Flexible Shaft 10™

(3.04m) $325 048788 Flexible Shaft 10™ (3.04m) $325
Power Vibe Series Vibrator Heads:
Part # Description MSRP*
048789 Steel Head 1″ x 12″

(25.4mm x 30.5cm) $350
048790 Steel Head 1 ¾” x 12″

(44.5mm x 30.5cm) $360
048791 Steel Head 2″ x 8″

(51mm x 20.5cm) $350
048792 Steel Head 2″ x 12″

(51mm x 30.5cm) $365
Power Vibe Pro Series:

same engine as Power Vibe Series with longer rigid shaft and lift handle
Power Vibe Pro Series Power Unit:

(same engine as Power Vibe Series with longer rigid shaft and lift handle)
Part # Description MSRP*
048793 PV35

(35cc 4-cycle Honda)

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