Expancem K expansor

Expancem K cement is an expansive cement classified according to American standard ASTM C-845 as a K Type cement. K Type cement is an expansive hydraulic cement designed to be used in the manufacturing of a Contraction Compensator Concrete (CCC). This product provides an effective and economical way to avoid cracks caused by the contraction due to the drying process of concrete manufactured using Portland Cement. This cement produces a controlled expansion effort in the concrete. K Type cement reduces tension efforts that result in cracks due to contraction. This cement is designed to keep the concrete in a compression state for the duration of its usefulness.

Uses and applications:

Expancem K cement is used for the manufacturing of expansive grouts and contraction compensator concretes. Some of its applications are:

¢ Industrial floors
¢ Containers and storage tanks 
¢ Pre-fabricated elements 
¢ Non contracting grouts
¢ Ground and rock anchorage charges
¢ Etc.


Contraction compensator concrete manufactured with Expancem K cement is the best option for industrial floor construction where it is necessary to eliminate the control joints required by normal concrete. Due to its properties, contraction compensator concrete allows floor slabs of up to 1500 m 2 to be build without any contraction or control joint. In storage tanks it allows for maximum reduction regarding the presence of micro cracks which affect structure permeability.

Packaging and physical properties:

Expancem K is supplied in bulk or in 94 pound bags. Some of its physical properties are:

Standard ASTM C-845

Restrained expansion in mortar:  
Expansion up to 7 days:  
Minimum, % 0.04
Maximum, % 0.10
Expansion up to 28 days  
Compared to 7 days expansion, %: 115
Resistance to compression  
7 days, min. (psi): 2100
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