K-Series PowerStat Drive

Operator compartment offers superior blade visibility with single lever controls.

The K-Series hydrostatic, Powerstat drive is controlled by a single lever with electronic straight tracking, two bump-up, bump-down speed buttons with six speed increments, and an adjustable ratio of reverse to forward speed. To move forward, you push the lever forward. For reverse, you pull the lever backward. It™s an intuitive control. The operator turns the machine by simply tipping the lever to one side. When the lever is completely pushed to one side, the machine will counter-rotate.

These operating controls were engineered to be simple to use, boosting productivity and making K Series dozers ideal for their target market – the rental market. With Rental being the largest application for dozers in this size range, Case has designed a dozer that is easier to operate.

Other operator compartment changes have been incorporated to provide high visibility to the blade and surrounding work site. A narrow, modular dashboard affords the operator a direct line of sight to the backside of the blade to gauge material flow under the blade. Entry to the cab is easy because the doors open flat to the side of the cab. Air conditioning is standard on all cab-equipped models.

While a novice operator can put the machine to work without needing a lot of time to learn the controls, these operator compartment enhancements allow a skilled operator precision control and the ability to become even more productive.

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