Water Well Drilling!

Anyone with the need to have a water well can now enjoy affordable drinking water without the expense of hiring a drilling company to do it for you! All you need is our complete water well drilling package and a little bit of time and effort and you can save thousands compared to what the “experts” charge. Many people have used our equipment to drill their own wells for irrigation, household water, cabin supply and for many more reasons. If there is water available, you can do it yourself. If you have questions, just give us a call and we are here to assist you every step of the way.

This drilling package has been operated under all conditions! You may encounter hard formations during your drilling process. Our equipment will get you through! Each drill bit is Carbide tipped for superior wear resistance and cutting power! The mud pump delivers a powerful supply of high pressure water through the drill stem to your drill point. This creates even greater drilling efficiency by keeping your bit cool and pushing loose gravel and shavings out of the hole! This has proven itself over and over! The ROCKMASTER TX450″S four column triangulated Power Mast assembly is of all Heavy Duty Steel construction! The footprint of the assembled unit is extra wide for added stability!

 6.5 HP ¢ Complete water well Drilling equipment ¢ Everything needed for drilling ¢ 2 Year extended warranty ¢ Lifetime warranty on frame and all drill bits! ¢

How can I drill a well myself? Most rigs are mounted on a big truck! How will this work for me?

Using our equipment is easy! Our “step by step” instructions will get you on your way to drilling for water quickly! If you need help with assembly, picking a drilling site or anything else, give our after the sale help and support line a call. Weekend assistance is available by appointment. 24 hour international support by appointment. Just give us a call on the Friday before you will be drilling and we will have a service tech available for assistance. Fast, free, courteous and Guaranteed!

Why should I give you a call and not buy from some other company?

First, we manufacture the finest equipment available. Each HEAVY DUTY frame is constructed using  high strength steel. All Frame parts are electro statically coated Or plated for years of operation! Our frames are triangulated with a 4 way mast for superior rigidity. Each unit has a wide footprint for stability that eliminates the “wobbly top heavy” tendency of other drills. Each ROCKMASTER TX450TMis inspected using our strict 36 point inspection program that includes testing and inspecting all major parts of each unit to guarantee you trouble free assembly and operation from start to finish! To back that up, each unit has a 1 year trouble free guarantee against defects. If you have a problem we take care of you no matter what! In addition to this, our drill bits come with a lifetime warranty! If you ever break or wear one out, we replace it for life. Free shipping included on replacement!

What about drilling in rock? Will it get through the really hard stuff?

This is a very important question. This is where our equipment excels! THE ROCKMASTERTMPressure drilling system  sets us apart from other “back yard” drilling units one the market! This system is so unique that we have applied for a patent on this part of our system. You can never tell what you may run into while drilling. You may hit a stray rock or a thick formation. Under certain circumstances you may need to upgrade to a tricone drill bit. We have these available. Please call us for specific details. The fact is that our equipment is so advanced, you will drill faster and deeper using even our basic system. See for yourself what sets us apart!

What makes our water swivel different  from the competition?

While drilling your well you need to have a constant flow of water recycling though your drill hole. This cools the drill bit while flushing out the cuttings. We don”t use just an ordinary water swivel. At the center of our TX450 Drilling rig is the Patent Pending ROCKMASTER SUPERFLOWtm water transfer System. This is only one of the features that sets us apart from other units on the market. It excels when drilling deep wells over 100″ to 300″.

Independent comparison testing has demonstrated that the competitions swivels show a “significant pressure drop curve” starting depths greater than 75“. Our SUPERFLOWtm SYSTEM will maintain the required lift pressure and remain adjustment free while others have to be tightened and adjusted after every couple hours of operation. Judge for yourself. While drilling you will have gritty shavings or cuttings flowing through your system. These are  very abrasive. Make sure you follow our directions to extend the life of your equipment.

If a water swivel has multiple bolts around the top and bottom, Its not “state of the art“. It will have a flat rubber washer type of seal that can”t take the required pressures. It will leak after only a few hours of use and may just give you an unexpected shower! Our water swivel system is redundant and will provide you with trouble free operation that eliminates the need to stop and work on your equipment while drilling!


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