Highest Frequency, Highest Resolution Concrete Imaging GPR Transducer in the World

MALA, the world leader in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technologies for many subsurface, industrial, and non destructive testing applications recently developed the highest frequency radar transducer available for concrete imaging.  The new transducer emits a 2.3 giga-hertz (GHz) signal producing the highest resolution concrete imaging of rebar, conduit, post tension cable, and other features embedded in concrete structures with radar technology.


The new 2.3 GHz transducer is compatible with Mala™s very popular CX10 & CX11 concrete imaging radar.  Mala broke the mold just last year when the company introduced the CX series capable of combining Radar and Electro-Magnetic (EM) technology to locate both rebar and identify energized power cables in one transducer.  With the newest transducer the system is available in three frequencies 1.2, 1.6, and 2.3 GHz.  The 1.2 and 1.6 are available with the EM option.  With the broadest range of frequencies, the CX series is undisputedly the most versatile concrete imaging radar system in the world, allowing the user to image concrete in a wide range of thicknesses and embedded targets to a very small size. 


Like all Mala systems, the CX series are simple to operate with a limited amount of training. Features include the ability to rapidly scan areas for 2D locating and to mark targets or collect data on a grid mat supplied with the system, for in the box 3D imaging in the field for instantaneous results.  No need to download data to produce 3D locations, as is the case with more costly competing systems which saves both time and money. 


For more information about our full product line contact MALA GeoScience, Skolgatan 11 S-930 70 MALA, Sweden, Phone: +46 953 345 50 Fax: +46 953 345 67.MALA GeoScience USA, Inc., 2040 Savage Road, PO Box 80430, Charleston, South Carolina 29416: Phone: +1 843-852-5021; Fax:+1 843-769-7392; email [email protected]  www.malags.com


The CX series and family of transducers is FCC approved.

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