Caterpillar Has A Big Commitment To Compact Diesels

Louisville, Ky., October 6 Caterpillar will introduce three new compact, emissions-compliant diesel engines intended for use in small and mid-size construction, agricultural, turf, and outdoor power equipment at the 2006 International Lawn, Garden & Power Equipment Expo. 

The new C1.5, C1.7, and C2.2 available in naturally aspirated, turbocharged and turbocharged aftercooled configurations, complement five previously-announced engines in Cat™s compact diesel line-up.

Caterpillar is committed to the compact diesel market, said Caterpillar marketing manager Mike Reinhart. And these three new engines are the latest step in fulfilling that commitment.” 

With them, Cat® compact diesels now cover the range from 11 to 80.5 horsepower (8.2 to 60 bkW) with eight modern engines that meet existing Tier 3/Stage IIIA emission standards for North America and Europe and are designed as solid core engine platforms to tackle future emissions requirements.”

The engines in the Cat compact diesel product line are:

C0.5 rated from 11 to 13.7 bhp (8.2 – 10.2 bkW) at 2800 – 3600 rpm;

C0.7 rated from 16.4 to 20.5 bhp  (12.2 – 15.3 bkW) at 2800 – 3600 rpm;

C1.1 rated from 18.4 to 28.2 bhp (13.7 – 21 bkW) at 2200 – 3400 rpm;

C1.5 rated from 27.8 to 40.2 bhp (20.7 – 30.0 bkW) at 2200 – 3000 rpm;

C1.6 rated at 33-35.5 bhp (24.6 – 26.5 bkW) at 2800 – 3000 rpm

C1.7 rated at 33.2 to 34.8 bhp (24.7 26 bkW) at 2400 2600 rpm

C2.2 rated from 41.6 to 66 bhp (31 – 49.2 bkW) at 2200 – 3000 rpm; and

C3.4 rated from 57.6 to 80.5 bhp (43 – 60 bkW) at 2600 rpm. 

People tend to think ˜big™ when Cat engines are mentioned, Reinhart said, but these products clearly demonstrate that Cat does ˜compact™ every bit as well.  Our compact engine line-up gives OEMs a clear transition from gasoline to diesel power. These new diesel engines offer unprecedented power density along with the traditional diesel advantages in fuel economy, durability, and reliability.

All of the engines in Cat™s compact diesel line-up offer advanced features including 500-hour maintenance intervals and single-side service access that are designed to reduce the total cost of ownership.  The line also offers a selection of turbocharged and normally aspirated engines to meet the needs of the full range of turf maintenance, outdoor power equipment applications, construction, agricultural, and portable power generation in the market.

These engines are thoughtfully engineered to meet the needs of the small and midsize equipment market, Reinhart added. They™re light, compact, quiet, and very flexible in terms of packaging and configuration.  Most of them offer a choice of high or low mounted fans, special low-noise fans, and advanced electronic governors which extend engine life in many applications.” 

 They™re compact, but they™re Cat engines in every sense of the word.

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