HeatBlocker Ultra Performance Engine Exhaust Insulation

Oneida, IL June 1, 2008.

The Kalb Corporation, after ten years of extensive research,development, and many thousands of hours of actual field use, takes pride in announcing that Heat Blocker (U.S. pat. 64444287) Ultra Performance engine exhaust insulation exceeds the rigorous thermal demands of tier 4 engine exhasut components and after treatment devices.

 Offered to thedefense, power generation, heavy equipment, marine, mining, forestry, and agricultural industries, this new generation of insulating blanket has proved itself in having the capability to withstand the higher temperatures (up to 982 C. / 1,800 F.) and more demanding environments required by today”s diesel and natural gas engines and all after treatment devices.

Heat Blocker engine exhaust insulation is the result of experience gained from almost three decades of thermal blanket manufacturing, utilizing formal cell testing, field trials, and anecdotal evidence to produce a new generation insulation system that has proven to exceed the characteristics of what has been recognized as standard for the industry.

Mike Kalb, President of Kalb Corporation and its new HeatBlocker Division, offers, Insulation  blankets have been used for over twenty-five years to cover the exhaust components diesel and gas engines. Insulating the manifolds, turbo charges, exhaust piping and mufflers with HeatBlocker can lower surface temperatires hundreds of degrees, protecting personnel from serious injury and eliminating engine fires caused by flammable materials coming in contact with hot engine components.”

Lowering surface temperatures on the exhaust system can save sensors, wiring and plastic components from thermal damage. The protection of rubber hose lines can reduce the danger of breakage and ignition of highly flammable hydraulic fluid on super-heated exhaust components.

In military applications, HeatBlocker can significantly reduce the thermal signature of vehicles by insulating piping that would normally be exposed to infrared detection devices. In those applications where flammable debris is an ever-present danger, the insultation provides a durable, long-lasting shield that protects both equipment and personnel.

Heat Blocker insulation holds heat inside the exhaust system, but does not make the system run hotter that the exhaust gas leaving its combustion chambers. This process allows the exhasut gas to remain at a more constant temperature throughout the whole system. When exhaust gas sustains a higher average temperature, it is less dense and exits faster, adding to the thermal efficiency of the engine by providing increased turbocharger rotation,and less lag in turbocharger pickup when engine load demands are high. The result is enhanced engine performance.

Heat Blocker kits utilize state-of-the-art design technology and ultra high temperature materials that provide the durability demanded by major O.E.M.”s. Each component is custom engineered to install, remove, and replace quickly both on the assembly line and in the field.

Kalb Corporation, headquartered in west central Illinois, has been providing engineering and prime power engine component services to the industrial engine industry since 1986. Its design and application personnel represent over forty-five years of combined experience in the industry. Further information can be obtained at the Kalib Corporation website: http://www.kalibcorp.com, or by calling (309) 483-3600.

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