iGX Intelligent General Purpose Engine

Honda™s iGX 440 overhead cam (OHC) general purpose engine sets a new standard for ease of use, value fuel efficiency, and quiet operation. The iGX features an integrated electronic control unit (ECU) that delivers complete drive-by-wire remote control capability and controls key aspects of engine operation.  The integrated electronic control unit communicates with the application to achieve optimal performance.  It is ideally suited for a wide range of commercial and residential power equipment applications which include, pressure washers that automatically start of stop when the user squeezes or releases the trigger handle; water pumps that can be automatically activated based on water level by remote switch, lawn mowers that can automatically vary engine speed based on load; and generators that can automatically start when required and vary engine speed based on electrical draw.


The iGX engine was designed around four key platforms:  intelligence, ease of use, lower fuel consumption, and noise reduction: 


·         Intelligence:  the computer-controlled design allows communication with its application, enhancing automation of the task.

·         Ease of use: the engine™s design eliminates the need for manual manipulation of the choke and throttle. The self-diagnosis function of the iGX also improves ease of operation and maintenance.

·         Noise reduction: superior over that of conventional engines; the iGX offers a noise reduction of approximately 4 db.

·         Lower fuel consumption: the technology results in lower fuel consumption and lower emissions, through reduced total engine running time and engine speed that can be lowered based on power demands. 


iGX440 Specifications

Engine Type

Air-cooled, 4 stroke OHC, 438cm3 (26.7cu in)

Bore x Stroke

3.46 x 2.84 (88.0 x 72.1mm)

PTO Shaft Rotation

Counterclockwise (from PTO shaft side)

Compression Ratio

8.1 : 1

Ignition System

Transistorized Magneto

Starting System

Recoil and electric starter motor


Horizontal type butterfly valve

Lubrication System

Forced splash type

Governor System

STR (Self Tuning Regulator) governor

Air Cleaner

Dual element type

Oil Capacity

1.10L (1.16 US qt)

Fuel Tank Capacity (liter)

5.9L (6.2 US qt.)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

433 mm (17.0 in x 505mm (19.9 in) x 454 mm (179 in.)

Dry Weight

39 k

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