The new Link-Belt 350 X2 excavator has an operating weight of 79,146 pounds and a net horsepower of 271 hp at 2,000 rpm. Replacing the 330 LX, the 350 X2 offers improved cycle-times and ease of operation, as well as a significant increase in productivity and lower operating costs.


Productive and Profitable

Quicker cycle times are achieved with two-speed lifting and arm open/close functions that work in cooperation with hydraulic system regeneration to provide remarkable speeds in digging, lifting and swing applications. Greatly improving the productively that the 350 X2 can deliver.


Equipped with common rail fuel injection and exhaust gas recirculation technology, the Tier 3 Isuzu engine used in the 350 X2 is clean-burning and extremely fuel-efficient.



The 350 X2 excavator uses four work modes to maximize every machine movement for optimum power while reducing fuel consumption. Different work modes can easily be selected by simply dialing the engine throttle to one of the following settings: SP (speed priority mode) the engine and hydraulic pumps are set at maximum output to provide faster cycle times for exceptional productivity. H mode (heavy) is an all-purpose work mode that provides reduced fuel consumption. A mode (applied power) is used for lifting or when performing precision functions.  And the attachment work mode automatically adjusts engine speed and pump output to match attachments such as hammers.



Designed with comfort and easy operation in mind, the new 350 X2 cab provides more spaciousness, expansive legroom, operating quietness and 60-percent more glass on the right-hand side for improved visibility. For operator comfort the control console can be adjusted vertically to four different positions. And like each Link-Belt X2 excavator, the 350 X2 cab comes standard with an electronic climate control system and plenty of storage space for personal items.


Service and Maintenance

The ease of routine maintenance and service will result in lower owning and operating costs. Ground-level access to remote-mounted filters makes changing filters much easier. These excavators feature an engine oil drain green plug that has a spring-loaded release and drain hose for an easier, more environmentally friendly oil change. 



350 X2



79,146 lbs.



Bucket Range

1.08 – 9.93 cu. Yd.



Max Digging Depth

24™ 1, 22™ 1, 26´8˝



Max Reach

36™ 8, 35´0˝, 39™ 1



Bucket Digging Force

55,840 lbf



Maximum Swing Speed

9.8 rpm




Isuzu AH-6HK1XYSS Tier 3 turbocharged diesel


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