Industrial Maintenance. Putting Gradall versatility to work in metal mills

From ground level to boom end, Gradall”s industrial maintenance machines are built and tested for tough yet efficient work. Gradall”s extra telescoping boom range, along with unique swing and 360º rotational movements, deliver full performance from a wide collection of attachments.

  • In BOF maintenance, the Gradall machine can effectively descull the converter lip or clean and replace tap holes.

  • When maintaining electric furnaces, use the Gradall machine to efficiently remove slag and refractory buildup or clean and place tap holes.

  • Around blast furnaces, Gradall machines make it efficient to maintain hot metal troughs by removing hard slag and refractory brick. Gradall machines also are ideal for torpedo car cleanup.

  • For aluminum smelting operations, Gradall machines handle pot cleaning and furnace teardowns with greater efficiency.

  • Operator training efficiency is enhanced by an adjustable joystick pattern system. Operators can choose Gradall, Deere or SAE systems using an in-cab switch.

  • Gradall”s unique XL Series hydraulics integrate a load-sensing system that automatically adjusts for any job, big or small. From carefully removing furnace lining bricks to handling routine maintenance and cleanup work, there”s no need to select working modes or waste fuel by using the incorrect mode.

  • Roomy cabs are designed for comfort and safety with plenty of windows and an overall low rear profile for excellent visibility in all directions. Heaters, air conditioning and more are standard.

  • Proven to withstand vigorous pounding and vibration, Gradall machines have special advantages like heavy-duty boom rollers, an exceptionally rugged boom and a boom tilt motor that”s protected from damage at the rear of the boom.

  • These machines are available with crawler or rough-terrain rubber tire undercarriages for a solid, yet highly maneuverable, work platform.

  • To help ensure years of long life, Gradall operating functions and pressures can easily be monitored in the operator cab. Routine service functions can be performed quickly and easily at ground level.

  • Fleet management is more efficient because all industrial models share over 90% of replacement parts and attachments.

  • Using a radio remote transmitter, Gradall”s remote control industrial maintenance models allow the operator to move into position for a clear view of both the undercarriage and the working boom. Fingertip joystick controls maneuver the machine and command boom functions raising, lowering, swinging from side to side, tilting and telescoping.

  • All Gradall excavator manufacturing locations are inside the USA. But sales and service locations are maintained on six continents.

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