Link-Belt 240 X2 MH Specialty Machine

LBX is pleased to announce availability of the new Link-Belt 240 X2 Material Handler for specialty applications such as: scrap/material-handling, demolition, waste transfer and site prep. With the option of linkage- or gooseneck-style attachments, this machine can be equipped with a variety of tools like dangling magnets and orange-peel grapples for scrap yards, trash grapples for construction and demolition debris, buckets for handling material fines, or shears and processors to handle touhger tasks.

Operators will have excellent visibility into truck bodies or containers such as rail cars with a cab that raises hydraulically to a full height of 18-feet 2-inches while still allowing for easy transport from job-to-job with a weight of approximately 70,000 lbs. An optional cab anti-interference device is available to prevent the attachment tool from damaging the cab when it”s positioned at its furthermost point, and an operator protective guard is standard on the front of the cab. To also help prevent damage in harsh applications, the 240 has thick upper belly pans.

The 240 MH is factory-equipped with auxiliary hydraulics for open/rotate to handle the needs of tools in its class. For scrap applications, the 240 is also prepped from the factory for easy installation of gensets, which includes plumbing and hydraulic motor to run a generator. A solid-state controller and generator are available from the factory, or a Baldor generator and Hubbell/Ohio brand controllers are available through LBX to run magnets.

Additionally, the 240 can be equipped with 600mm flat pads for minimal surface or triple grouser shoes in widths of 600, 700 or 800mm.

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