STATESVILLE, N.C. ”  Doosan Infracore Portable Power offers the BL2000 balloon light ” a self-inflating illumination unit that is versatile enough to be used for a variety of applications, including construction, disaster relief, drilling, farming and agriculture, guard rail installation, landscaping, mining, paving, road repair and maintenance, and railroad repair and maintenance.


The balloon light diffuses a strong, glare-free light over a 360-degree area. It has a diameter of
43.3 inches and when placed on an optional mounting system stands 7.5 to 15 feet tall, covering up to a 15,000 square-foot radius. Its 2,000 watts of power are supplied by either a 10-amp, 230-volt source for one lamp or a 20-amp, 110-volt source for two lamps.


The BL2000 has a versatile set-up; it can be mounted onto a stand (a separate, optional feature) or fixed directly onto any piece of equipment. The unit inflates in less than one minute, providing instant illumination once fully inflated, and it resists wind speeds up to 63 miles per hour.


Weighing less than 40 pounds, this lightweight unit can be packed into a container small enough to fit in a car. The BL2000 consists of a reflector, a diffusing envelope, a protection grid, and a tilting grip head, to reposition the lamps at the necessary angle for maximum site illumination.


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