Chicago Pneumatic Offers New Hydraulic-Powered Cut-Off Saws

Denver, Colo. Chicago Pneumatic Construction Tools announces the addition of two hydraulic-powered cut-off saws to its product line. Light and compact, yet ruggedly built for demanding applications, the saws are ideal for cutting concrete, asphalt, cement, brick and steel.


The SAW 16 model features a 16-inch blade and cuts to a depth of 6.3 inches, while the SAW 14 has a 14-inch blade with a maximum cutting depth of 5.2 inches. The saws feature a simple direct-drive configuration that provides consistent speed and torque during use. The design also minimizes overall maintenance requirements, especially when compared with belt-driven saws.


Operation of the saws is easy thanks to a lightweight and well-balanced design that includes an adjustable blade guard. An open cutting face simplifies use in even the most difficult conditions. The saws are versatile enough for a variety of tasks, including demolition, underwater repairs and utility maintenance work.


A lightweight, easy-to-use cart is also available for use with the cut-off saws. The cart, complete with built-in water container, allows the saws to be utilized for floor, road, sidewalk and other light surface cutting applications that are not typically suitable for handheld equipment. The SAW 16 and SAW 14 can achieve cutting depths of 4.9 and 3.9 inches, respectively, when mounted in a cart.


The SAW 16 requires hydraulic oil flow of 5 to 10 gallons per minute (gpm), while the SAW 14 requires 5 to 8 gpm. Optimum performance is achieved when powered by a carrier with hydraulic capabilities or by a Chicago Pneumatic hydraulic power pack. Equipped with wheels and handles, a power pack can be easily moved around a jobsite to increase the saw™s flexibility. Furthermore, because the power source can be positioned as much as 75 feet away, the operator can work safely in confined areas without requiring additional ventilation.


Both saws come standard with a hose to deliver water to a diamond blade for wet cutting and a 6.6-foot hydraulic twin whip hose with flat-face, quick-release couplings for easy connection to the power pack hose or to an extension hose. An optional oil flow divider and extension hoses are available for running the saws off hydraulic-powered carriers. Also available is an optional pressurized water kit to cool the diamond blade and suppress dust on sites with no water supply.

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