It™s 10AM, Do You Know Where Your Employees and Equipment Are?

Remote Dynamics™ Asset Tracking and Fleet Management Solution Helps Contractors, Landscapers, Equipment Rental, and Shipping Companies Monitor and Manage Their Critical Assets

Real-Time Vehicle and Equipment Assessment  Improves Efficiency, Reduces Expenses

  • Industries hit especially hard by recent economic realities include trucking, construction, landscaping, and equipment rental companies. As fuel prices continue to rise and the country leans toward a recession, companies are looking for ways to lower fuel costs, decrease operating expenses, and more efficiently manage their payroll.

    Is equipment oil being changed too late (or too frequently)? Are certain employees consistently breaking speed limits? Are power generators being used inefficiently? Which vehicles are spending precious time idling each day? Which drivers are taking the long way round on delivery routes? Are weather conditions making it too dangerous to operate construction hoists and tower cranes?

    Remote Dynamics, a Texas-based asset tracking and fleet management solutions company, provides fleet managers and equipment rental businesses with the hardware and software tools necessary to track, locate, and monitor their assets. From trucking fleets to tower cranes, bulldozers to construction elevators, riding lawnmowers to lighted signs, Remote Dynamics products combine Global Positioning System (GPS) and wireless technologies to provide businesses with ways to track and assess vehicle and equipment usage from any location, allowing them to save money and generate more revenue.

    REDIview, Remote Dynamics™ state-of-the-art fleet management solution, is optimized to be a business™s single source for managing vehicles and equipment.

                   Manage Vehicles and Personnel

  • Reduce fuel consumption by managing excessive idling and wasted trips

  • Pay employees for hours actually worked by eliminating unauthorized wage and overtime payments

  • Proof of times spent at customer locations for better invoicing

  • Improve customer service by better estimating arrival times

  • Eliminate personal/unauthorized vehicle use

  • Reduce vehicle wear and tear by hitting maintenance windows

  • Drive down insurance costs by demonstrating safe driving habits

                   Monitor Remote Equipment and High-Value Assets

  • Capture the hour meter in real-time and create usage reports

  • Bill for overtime usage when renting for fixed shifts or monthly hours

  • Control movement and confirm equipment is securely on the job site

  • Keep equipment in top shape using REDIview Maintenance Module

    REDIview isn™t simply a tracking system, rather, it is a real-time software and reporting database that enables businesses to monitor crucial issues such as maintenance concerns, proof of time spent at customer locations, idling time, and how best to optimize delivery routes. Approximately $550 for initial hardware installation (a small black box that is fitted under the dash) and a monthly subscription fee of $29.99 per vehicle provides unlimited access to the Remote Dynamics easy-to-use website interface and unlimited customizable reporting. The return on investment is enormous and almost immediately felt: just one hour of saved overtime per month effectively pays for the service.

    The technology allows users to determine what items are tracked and how alerts are managed (e.g., an e-mail, page, or cell phone alert when a vehicle is speeding or due for servicing). It also offers a predictive analysis that contributes to better fleet maintenance scheduling. This information can be seamlessly integrated,  with back office systems, such as inventory, timesheets, scheduling, and asset management. All this helps ensure that the right data gets to the right people at the right time, boosting employee efficiency, reducing fuel costs, curbing unauthorized wages and overtime payments, and increasing profitability.

    Gary Hallgren, Chief Executive Officer of Remote Dynamics, brings to the company more than fifteen years of management experience in emerging software and technology companies, including stints at WirelessCar and Volvo Technology of America, and the Minnesota Department of Transportation System. Please let us know if you might be interested in our arranging an interview with Mr. Hallgren. In the meantime, we encourage you to learn more by visiting

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