Economical, Stand-alone Laser-based Machine Control System

The Trimble Grade Control Receiver (GCR) is a cost-effective laser-based machine control system that can significantly improve the productivity and accuracy of grading equipment by as much as 50% over conventional methods. Used primarily for finishing grade on sites and for foundations, the GCR family of laser receivers is easy to learn.  With minimal training, even inexperienced operators are able to get up to speed in no time at all.

GCR is ideal for a variety of machines, including dozers, drag boxes, scrapers, trenchers, skid steer attachments and small motor graders. The system consists of the GCR laser receiver mounted on a rigid mast that is mounted on the machine”s blade and a laser transmitter set up on the job site. And with the addition of a hydraulic control valve to the machine, the GCR valve control capability enables it to provide complete proportional blade control relative to the laser reference.

The built-in grade display is clear and bright, making the GCR laser receiver easy to see in all lighting conditions. And with a stand-alone design the receiver can be used as both a visible display system as well as a control system. This dual capability allows for rough grade and finished grade work. The unique cab SPEED control knob allows for the hydraulic system to be adjusted to match the ground speed and material type without leaving the cab or slowing down.

The GCR is a self-contained design, with no separate control box, making the system extremely portable. The system can be moved between machines, allowing for the effective use of all machines in each phase of the job.

The GCR is the simplest way to put all the advantages of automated machine control to work on earthmoving jobs. The system installs easily and eliminates grade-checkers, communication errors, rework and idle machine time. Contractors who use the GCR can lower labor and material costs and generate higher profits for an immediate return on their investment.

  • Remote Blade speed control
  • super bright LED grade display
  • built in valve drivers
  • built in valve calibration
  • simple operation
  • local and fast equipment service and support

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