At Skyjack we engineer a lift solution that is robust, reliable and easy to service, with the lowest life cycle costs

Updated Dec 16, 2009

Skyjack™s world class product designs provide the best possible value and lowest life cycle costs through undurpassed reliability and ease of service. The new SJ 40T and SJ 45T boom lifts make no exception to these philosophies, offering innovative design features such as an analog based control system and relay based electrical system.

Anyone familiar with Skyjack™s world class Rough Terrain scissor lifts will recognize the axle based 4WD system. There are no wheel motors or torque hubs, and as a result there are no hydraulic hoses left unprotected from job site hazards and the number of potential hydraulic leak sites are reduced. The axle based 4WD system offers unsurpassed traction and terrainability; using a “Detroit Locker” type differential on the rear axle and limited slip differential (sometimes referred to as Posi-trac) on the front oscillating axle, ensures the least amount of power loss when one or more of the wheels lose traction.

Skyjack™s hallmark control and electrical systems, together with an axle based 4WD system, are only a few examples of how Skyjack keeps serviceability and life cycle costs in mind. These models are also packed full of innovative, service friendly features, such as the unique central grease points at the rear of the turret for quick and easy maintenance, as well as easy to adjust (and lock) rotation deflection adjustment located inside the engine side cabinet. The SJ 40T and SJ 45T also feature SkyJack”s exclusive DIRECTION SENSING controls, which ensure the boom lft will always drive and steer with respect to the operator rather than the orientation of the base.


¢ Detroit Locker type rear differential and limited slip front differential

¢ Diesel engine

¢ Directional sensing drive and steer control

¢ Proportional controls

¢ Drivable at full height

¢ 8 ft. platform with modular railings

¢ Swing up cowlings for easy access

¢ Swing out engine tray

¢ 12V DC auxiliary power

¢ 360° continuous turret rotation

¢ Dual wet disc ” SAHR brakes

¢ 12 x 16.5 Grip lug air-filled tires

¢ Tie down/lifting lugs

¢ Hourmeter

¢ Operator horn

¢ Base controls

¢ Spring hinged gate full height gate, side entry

¢ Comprehensive operating, parts and maintenance manuals

¢ All motion alarm

¢ 45% gradeability

¢ Oscillating axle

¢ Relay based control system

¢ Color coded and numbered wiring system


¢ 3.5kw generator

¢ Welder ready package

¢ Welder package

¢ Cold weather start kit

¢ Diesel scrubber

¢ Hydraulic oil cooler

¢ Flashing amber light

¢ Platform work heights

¢ Airline to platform (1/2″)

¢ Dual fuel engine (Includes 12kw hydraulic generator w/oil cooler and Lincoln V275-s welder)


  • Grip lug foam-filled tires
  • Tire sealant (in standard air-filled tires)

  • High flotation air-filled tires

Capacities, and machine weights may differ when options are added

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