New 75,000-Pound Capacity Cable Hoist Released

Garner, Iowa based Stellar Industries has introduced the Cable75, a 75,000-pound capacity Cable Hoist at the Waste Expo show in Las Vegas.  This is an improved re-design of the SI60 model.  Through innovative design, Stellar has decreased the shipping weight, which increases payload up to 1,700 additional pounds.  Other features include; a 47-degree dump angle, fewer cylinders and seal kits to maintain, improved cable routing, use of stainless steel pins, grease zerks and bushings, and the use of wear strips.  All of these features are offered at a competitive price.


 Garner, Iowa Stellar Industries, Inc. is introducing the addition of the Cable75 to its cable hoist product line.  The Cable75 is a 75,000-pound capacity cable operated hoist and is an improved design of the current 60,000-pound cable hoist model SI60.

     Through the use of innovative design processes, Stellar has improved numerous items on the cable hoist.  With the use of advanced design software, Stellar has decreased the shipping weight of the Cable75* to 4,400-pounds, which in turn increases the payload by up to 1,700 additional pounds.  Another feature of the Cable75 is the cable routing now spins in a single direction of rotation only, eliminating switching directions when winching in and out, which can cause unnecessary wear on the cable.  The design of the Cable75 now includes only a single reeving cylinder that is always covered by a structural enclosure, decreasing its exposure to damaging debris.  Having only one cylinder decreases the amount of maintenance required with less seal kits to maintain.  The sheave bushings and pins are stainless steel, and bushings and grease zerks are installed in both rod-end pin bosses to improve operation and maintenance.  High strength wear strips have been added to the mainframe, and ½ high strength wear plates were added to the end of the mainframe tubes to increase strength and durability. 

    Stellar has incorporated the use of a hydraulic piston pump on the Cable75.  Piston pumps are more efficient, have a longer life, and handle higher operating pressure and pressure spikes better than gear pumps.   Using a piston pump has also decreased the gpm (gallon per minute) requirements due to operating at a higher pressure, therefore decreasing the size of the hydraulic oil reservoir from 60-gallons down to 25-gallons.  This also contributes to a greater payload capacity.

     The functional speed of the Cable75 is an impressive 30-seconds to hoist up, 11-seconds to hoist down, 30-seconds for the cable-in function when loaded, and 30 seconds cable-out function when unloading. 

     All these great features come at a competitive price, while being supported by a 36-month structural warranty and a 12-month parts and labor warranty.

     Stellar is determined to become the product of choice in the waste market, says Glenn Rasmus, Demountables Sales and Product Manager for Stellar Industries.  He continues, We are working towards that goal the best way we know how; by listening to our customers and dealers and designing and manufacturing a product that will meet and exceed the industry standards.  This gives them the edge up on the competition and increasing everyone™s bottom line all at the same time.

     Stellar Industries, Inc. was founded in 1990.   It is an employee owned and operated manufacturer of hydraulic truck mounted equipment located in North Iowa.  Products include hooklifts, cable hoists, container carriers, tarping systems, telescopic cranes, articulating cranes, and the X-Tra-Lift, as well as complete mechanic service truck packages, and tire service truck packages.  Stellar is a progressive company that focuses on its people, as they are the key to making the products and the company successful.

     For more information regarding Stellar Industries, Inc., visit, or call 800-321-3741.


* Decreased weight is compared to current SI60 model shipping weight.

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