RACINE, Wis. (Jan. 22, 2008) At the 2008 World Of Concrete show in Las Vegas, Case Construction Equipment announced the addition of the 521E to its E Series line of wheel loaders. The new model features an electronically controlled engine that provides increased horsepower to move more material per hour, a redesigned cab that offers greater operator comfort and visibility, and best-in-class maintenance, delivering more productive hours, all with a payload capacity of up to 2.5 cubic yards.


Case Tier III adjustable power

The Case 521E wheel loader is powered by a fully electronic Tier III-certified engine that incorporates a common-rail fuel-injection system, which allows air and highly pressurized fuel to mix efficiently for a cleaner combustion and increased fuel economy.


Operators can match power and fuel economy to their application, with a choice of three power curves”max, standard and economy power”and four work modes”max, standard, economy and auto.


For high-production activities such as truck loading operations that require high breakout force and fast cycling, the operator may choose to use maximum power at all times,” said Dave Wolf, brand marketing manager, Case Construction Equipment. “For jobs that involve hauling lighter materials, economy mode will get the job done with the greatest fuel efficiency. In auto mode, the electronically controlled engine adjusts between power curves to move the maximum amount of material per pound of fuel.”  


The four-cylinder engine on the 521E boasts 135 net horsepower (101 kW) at maximum performance. All Case E Series wheel loaders are equipped with selectable Auto Idle, which automatically reduces engine idle speeds after 30 seconds of idling to save fuel and increase profits.


Quiet, comfortable cab

The roomier, isolation-mounted cab on the 521E is among the quietest in the industry. Maximum operator adjustments increase the operator™s comfort, productivity and visibility. With a tilt steering column, infinitely adjustable seat, arm rests and control placement, Case can match the cab environment to any operator™s preferences, Wolf said.


Strategically located air diffusers throughout the cab provide maximum air circulation for faster, more thorough heating and cooling. Floor-to-ceiling glass in the front, along with a sloping rear engine compartment, gives the operator a panoramic view, with maximum visibility both forward and to the rear. The operator has a clear, direct view to the front tires, the bucket edge and the work site, which provides more productive and efficient operation,Âť Wolf said.


The standard single-lever joystick loader control with forward-neutral-reverse quick shuttle switch and transmission downshift button puts all the controls at the operator™s fingertips. A digital display records real-time data, shows diagnostic information and allows programming of operational modes. The cab door and   

right-hand windows swing back 180 degrees for maximum cross ventilation, or the right-hand cab window can be opened slightly to temper the cab.


Best-in-class maintenance and serviceability

The easier it is to perform daily maintenance and service, the more likely it™s going to get done, Wolf said. Case designed the 521E wheel loader with best-in-class maintainability, including ground-line service checks.


Like the other models in the Case E Series wheel loader line, the only tool required for service checks on the 521E is a rag to wipe oil off the dipstick. The one-piece rear hood provides easy access to the engine and all daily maintenance checkpoints.


The mid-mount cooling package on the 521E provides maximum cooling efficiency, improved access with a swing-out air conditioning condenser for easier maintenance and cleaning.


More material retention

The bucket on the 521E was designed for higher productivity and increased life. An extended bolt-on cutting edge accommodates larger loads and creates a fine edge for easier penetration into the pile. The bottom floor plate on the bucket is set at a 5-degree angle for better transition of material in the back of the bucket and rapid filling. The skid plates are bolted on for easier repair and replacement. For longer life and improved filling and mixing of material, the hinge pins are raised up out of the dirt and debris.


An option on the 521E, Ride Control provides improved productivity through excellent material retention while reducing shock loads on the machine and operator. Ride Control can be set for full-time mode or in auto mode, which activates when roading the wheel loader above 3 mph.


To automatically transfer power from the wheel that™s slipping to the wheel that™s gripping, the Case 521E also features limited-slip axles on the front and rear, Wolf said. This machine has all the traction needed to continue to work efficiently in any type of groung condition.” Outboard planetary and wet-disc brakes provide machine stability because the weight is outside the frame rather than inside.


Linkage option includes tool carrier

The 521E comes in traditional Z-bar and XT tool carrier linkage configurations. The Z-bar linkage equipped 521E provides high production, fast cycles, optimized operating loads and great visibility to the bucket. For more accurate material handling, the 521E XT has a true parallel lift throughout the complete cycle, so the operator can concentrate on moving materials rather than making adjustments to level the load.


Ideally suited for residential and commercial construction, sewer and water and agricultural applications, the Case 521E wheel loader has an operating weight of 23,722 lb (10,760 kg) and a bucket capacity of 2.5 cubic yards (1.91 m3).


In addition to the 521E and 521E/XT, the Case E Series wheel loaders include the 621E, 621E/XT, 621E/XR, 721E, 721E/XT, 821E, 921E, 1221E and 1221E/XT. Case also offers a full line of compact wheel loaders.


For additional wheel loader product specifications, customer testimonials, competitive comparisons, finance offers and more, please visit For a Case wheel loader demonstration, see your local Case dealer.


Case Construction Equipment sells and supports a full line of construction equipment around the world, including the No. 1 loader/backhoes, articulated trucks, excavators, telescopic handlers, motor graders, wheel loaders, vibratory compaction rollers, crawler dozers, skid steers, compact track loaders and rough-terrain forklifts. Through Case dealers, customers have access to a true professional partner”with world-class equipment and aftermarket support, industry-leading warranties and flexible financing. More information is available at

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