• Dual-mode engine power for maximum efficiency

  • Variable displacement piston pumps and CLSS for precise control

  • New large capacity lock-up torque converter for faster cycle times


VERNON HILLS, Ill. ” February 13, 2006 ” Komatsu America Corp. (KAC) introduces the new WA600-6 wheel loader, the first Komatsu wheel loader equipped with a Tier 3 compliant engine.  The 118,385 lb. WA600-6 is designed primarily for quarry, sand and gravel, industrial and smaller mining applications. It offers improved productivity, lower fuel consumption and increased reliability over the WA600-3.

            The WA600-6 is powered by a Komatsu Tier 3, SAA6D170E-5 six-cylinder engine, producing 502 HP at 1,800 RPM, a significant increase in horsepower over the previous model.  Besides meeting all Tier 3 requirements, Komatsu™s Tier 3 engine is equipped with innovative new technologies including an electronic control system to optimize vehicle performance, a heavy-duty High Pressure Common Rail Fuel Injection system, a new combustion system for reduced noise and fuel consumption, a cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation system and an air-to-air charge air-cooling system. The WA600-6™s engine comes standard with dual-mode engine power: an Economy mode for fuel efficiency, and a Power mode for maximum productivity.

The WA600-6 boasts a breakout force of 87,230 lb., a straight static tipping load of 80,645 lb. and a 40-degree turn tipping load of 67,210 lb. For maximum bucket control during both single and simultaneous bucket movements and improved fuel consumption, the machine is

equipped with variable displacement piston pumps and CLSS (Closed Load Sensing System). Its standard 8.4-yd3 bucket is ideally suited to loading 50- to 65-ton haul trucks such as Komatsu™s HD465-7 and HD605-7.

            While upgrading this model to being a Tier 3 compliant machine, Komatsu engineered in other significant improvements over the previous model of this unit, says Rob Warden, product manager, wheel loaders, Komatsu America Corp. It™s been built to make the operator as comfortable and productive as possible while reducing the machine™s fuel consumption.

Designed for Operator Comfort

Inside its large cab, there is standard AJSS (Automatic Joy Stick Steering) for easier and more accurate control, as well as an electronically controlled, five-mode heater and defroster, air conditioning and a suspension-type, reclining seat. The WA600-6 was designed with operator comfort in mind, adds Warden. The aim is to keep operators comfortable and less fatigued, resulting in more productive shifts. Operator fatigue also is reduced with rubber and silicone viscous damping mounts that reduce cab vibration and noise levels. Komatsu designed the cab windows for maximum visibility, while the large-size flat glass contributes to noise reduction inside the cab.


Exceptional Power and Productivity

During load and carry applications, a new, large capacity lock-up torque converter provides increased productivity, faster cycle times and improved fuel consumption. With a 3-element, single stage, double-phase torque converter and a full-powershift, planetary type transmission, travel speeds have increased over the previous model, with a forward top-speed of  23.4 mph and a reverse top-speed of 23.0 mph. The WA600-6™s modulated clutch system controls the tractive effort from 100 percent to 20 percent of the T/C converter output. It offers adjustable travel speed and traction control settings for multiple applications.

Also, the WA600-6™s hydraulic cycle times with a rated load in the bucket are exceptionally quick enabling faster cycle times. It takes only 9.3 seconds to raise a loaded bucket; 2.3 seconds to dump it; and 4.1 seconds to lower an empty bucket. A hydraulically driven, reversible cooling fan uses only the required power to provide the necessary cooling needed for a particular application.

The WA600-6 is outfitted with a new fully hydraulic braking system, including a wet-disc parking brake. The brakes are completely sealed keeping out contaminants and reducing wear and maintenance.

Equipment Monitoring Features

            The WA600-6 includes Komatsu™s EMMS (Equipment Management Monitoring System), which displays 28 different machine functions including fluid/filter change intervals and trouble-shooting memory display functions such as engine oil levels and coolant temperature.  Also on board is Komatsu™s VHMS (Vehicle Health Monitoring System) to provide detailed monitoring of the machine via satellite communication or through a lap top computer downloads.

Komatsu America Corp. is a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of Komatsu Ltd., the world”s second largest manufacturer and supplier of construction, mining and compact size equipment. Please visit Komatsu America”s website at

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