Caterpillar Updates IT38G Series II Integrated Toolcarrier for Enhanced Versatility and Productivity and Excellent Visibility

Caterpillar has improved the IT38G Series II Integrated Toolcarrier to enhance versatility and productivity and provide excellent visibility in demanding jobsite requirements. The medium wheel loader-based machine has been redesigned with the operator in mind, providing excellent lines of sight to the quick coupler and work tools, as well as increasing the number of work tools available for the machine.

The versatile machine also maintains key features that make it best in class, including 180 net horsepower (134 kW), parallel lift linkages and integral quick couplers to handle a wide range of material handling and digging tasks.

Expanded versatility, excellent visibility

Emphasizing the importance of sight lines to the work tool and quick coupler, Caterpillar has redesigned the IT38G II for enhanced versatility and exceptional visibility. By evaluating component placement and rerouting hydraulic lines, Caterpillar has increased the operator viewing area substantially. Giving the operator improved lines of sight to the work tool and coupler allows easier changes of attachments and promotes moving material safely and quickly.

Additionally, Caterpillar has expanded the line of buckets offered for the IT38G II. The range of buckets now available spans sizes of 2.75-to-3.5 cubic yards (2.2-to-2.8 cubic meters), as compared to the previous offering of 3.0-to-3.5 cubic yards (2.3-to-2.4 cubic meters). A broader selection of buckets enables customers to closely match material density and bucket size for optimum productivity. In additional to buckets, Caterpillar continues to offer a full range of work tools for the versatile toolcarrier.

Prior to the update, the IT38G Series II had the quick coupler pins actuated by a third lever and delivered pressure to move the coupler pins through a third valve. The machine now has an electro hydraulic system for the quick coupler. The new system is electrically actuated with a switch in the cab and it delivers pressure to the coupler through the brake system. This change expands work tool capabilities, because the third lever and valve are now available for additional work tool functionality, such as a top clamp or a rollout bucket. Additionally, a fourth function switch, located next to the quick coupler switch on the implement pod, can be added for work tools having multiple functions, such as rollout buckets with thumbs.

Enhanced productivity

Strategic structural changes have increased full turn static tipping load by 14% to 19,106 pounds (8665 kg). The effects are improved stability and greater work capabilities without reducing responsiveness. The net result is high productivity.

The Cat IT38G Series II Integrated Toolcarrier offers improved productivity and versatility while maintaining a number of its world-class features. For additional information, customers should contact their local Caterpillar® dealer or visit the Cat web site at

IT38G Series II Integrated Toolcarrier Basic Specifications
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