Tough Times Call for Tough Security Measures

November, 2008 Winchester, VA: The Equipment Lock Company (TELC) manufactures and sells universal anti-theft and safety devices for heavy equipment, trucks, trailers, and sea containers. 


TELC™s products mechanically lock the drive controls of all heavy equipment so even if the key is available, the equipment cannot be driven. In today™s tough economy, any equipment that is not secured is at risk to be stolen, borrowed, or vandalized.


TELC stresses the message of pro-active equipment security; equipment owners should take measures to prevent theft before it happens.  Basic job site security and theft preventative measures are a must.  Owners can affordably add TELC™s products as a layer of equipment protection on job sites or wherever they keep their equipment. The concept is easy and effortless; owners can secure their equipment in seconds with TELC™s bright red, hardened steel locking devices that are universal for all manufacturers.


Skidsteer Lock – Immobilizes both drive control levers of all skid steer loaders

E-Series Skidsteer Lock – Immobilizes one drive lever of all skid steer loaders

Attachment Lock – Locks attachments™ locking arms in place

Backhoe Lock – Immobilizes the steering wheel and drive control of backhoes and a variety of equipment and agricultural equipment

Stabilizer Lock Locks the stabilizer in the down position (also available for steering cylinder on articulating equipment)

Excavator Lock Immobilizes mini or large excavator drive control levers in opposite directions

Ball & Ring Hitch Lock Secures both ball and ring type trailer hitches of any size

Cargo Door Lock – Secures both doors of sea containers or semi-trailers

Heavy Duty Cargo Door Lock – Secures both doors of sea containers or semi-trailers

Jobsite Office Door Lock – Secures doors (32 to 40) of typical jobsite office trailers and more

Heavy Duty Wheel Lock Secures all sized wheels”from ATV™s and trailers to trucks


TELC products are powder coated and/or electroplated for a durable finish and use barrel style locking mechanisms.  Some of the products are also offered with a 4-digit changeable combination lock.

TELC encourages all equipment dealers and rental yards to use the products to secure their fleet.

Call to learn more. Or view application videos on  Dealer inquiries are welcome.

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