New Toro® Dingo® TX 525 Narrow Track Diesel Loader Delivers Added Torque in a Compact Design

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (Feb. 5, 2007) The Toro Company has introduced a new Dingo® TX 525 Narrow Track compact utility loader featuring a 25-horsepower Kubota® diesel engine for added torque and hydraulic flow in a compact design.


The TX 525 Narrow Track delivers the added power and performance of the wide track diesel we introduced last year, but in a slimmer profile that™s ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces, comments Greg Lawrence, product manager for the Toro® Dingo line. With an overall width of 33.7 inches, this machine is all about accessibility. The TX 525 Narrow Track easily fits through doors and gates that are 35 inches wide or slightly less, providing entry to interior and exterior spaces previously inaccessible with a loader, Lawrence explains. As a result, operators are able to put a hydraulic power plant on their job site to make them more productive.


The Toro TX 525 Narrow Track weighs 1904 lbs. (2030 lbs. with bucket) and measures 92 inches in length with a bucket, making it compact enough to work in the tightest places. The 5.9 inch-wide tracks on the unit distribute the weight to a mere 5.2 psi for excellent flotation in soft ground conditions.


The Dingo TX 525 Narrow Track model joins one of the most extensive lines of compact utility loaders in the industry, offering users added torque for increased pulling and digging force when using attachments in aggressive or rocky conditions. In addition to the added power it delivers, the TX 525 Narrow Track represents a convenient choice for contractors or rental yard operators who currently utilize all diesel-powered equipment and prefer to expand their fleet with the same fueled machine.


We hope our customers agree that our two new diesel offerings represent diesel done right, adds Lawrence. “They provide the highest power-to-weight ratio- and the lightest footprint- in the compact loader market. We”ve delivered the extra power and durability of a diesel without sacrificing the light weight and go-almost-anywhere width that users except from a Toro Dingo loader.”


The TX 525 Narrow Track loader has a rated operating capacity of 553 lbs. (35% of tip capacity) and delivers 16.9 gpm of flow to each track, 13.8 gpm to the auxiliary, and 6 gpm to the loader arm. All this power is harnessed in three, simple controls, he reveals. With user-friendly controls and a walk-behind design, you can see why this Dingo model is so easy to operate, requiring virtually no learning curve for even the most inexperienced user.


The TX 525 Narrow Track is compatible with Toro™s 35-plus compact utility loader attachments ” making the system the ideal toolkit for constructing or demolishing interior structures, installing irrigation systems, preparing seedbeds, material hauling and handling, constructing decks and fences, tree planting, pond building, and more.


To find out how a diesel- or gas-powered Dingo loader can help you complete work more productively and profitably by maximizing manpower and minimizing hand labor, see your local Dingo dealer; contact The Toro Company at 1-800-Dig-Toro (1-800-344-8676), send an e-mail to [email protected]., or visit



About The Toro Company

The Toro Company (NYSE: TTC) is a leading worldwide provider of outdoor beautification products, support services and integrated solutions. With sales of $1.8 billion in 2006, Toro is committed to providing environmentally responsible products of customer-valued quality and innovation. Since 1914, the company has built a tradition of excellence around a number of strong brands that serve a customer base that includes golf course superintendents, groundskeepers, sports field managers, landscape and irrigation contractors, fruit and vegetable growers, and homeowners. The Toro Company is headquartered at 8111 Lyndale Avenue in Bloomington, Minn. Visit the company website at

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