Caterpillar® Introduces Four New Telehandlers Configured To Meet the Needs of North American Contractors

Caterpillar has introduced four new models of telehandlers featuring high performance, ease of control and exceptional versatility”all in a package defined by the needs of North American contractors. The four models are the TL642, the TL943, the TL1055 and the TL1255, which have a capacity range of 6,500 pounds (2948 kg) to 12,000 pounds (5443 kg) and maximum lift heights of 42 feet (12.8 m) to 55 feet (16.8 m). 

As a result of an alliance agreement with JLG Industries, Inc., the four new TL Series machines are based on proven JLG designs and incorporate Caterpillar® components. In North America the four new machines replace B-Series machines previously manufactured by Caterpillar. Two smaller B-Series machines, the Cat® TH220B and TH330B will continue to be offered in North America. All of the machines are fully supported by the Caterpillar dealer network and Caterpillar product support system.

The TL1255 is the largest telehandler in the line and has greater capacity than any of the B-Series machines had. It is capable of lifting 12,000 pounds (5443 kg). Maximum lift height is 55 feet (16.8 m). The TL1055 has lift capacity of 10,000 pounds (4536 kg) and maximum lift height of 55 feet (16.8 m). The TL 943 has lift capacity of 9,000 pounds (4082 kg) and maximum lift height of 43 feet (13.1 m). The smallest of the TL Series is the TL642, which has 6,500-pound (2948-kg) lift capacity and 42-foot (12.8-m) maximum lift height. All of the machines are designed to work productively and cost effectively in a variety of general construction, heavy construction and industrial applications.

High performance and exceptional maneuverability

The four new telehandlers feature Caterpillar engines for responsive, reliable and fuel efficient performance. The TL642 and TL943 use the Cat 3054C Tier 2 engine, and the TL1055 and TL1255 use the Cat C4.4 TA engine. The latter is turbocharged and aftercooled, and it meets EPA Tier 3 emissions requirements. All four machines use a proven powershift transmission that offers four speeds forward and three reverse for optimum travel speed in either direction.

An efficient hydraulic pump delivers full hydraulic power even at low engine speeds”for precise load placement and reduced fuel consumption. A full flow sharing hydraulic valve provides the operator the use of three boom functions simultaneously to speed load handling.

Each of the telehandlers has three steering modes”two wheel, crab and circle steer. The different modes enable the operator to maneuver the machine in tight places and to more easily place loads when access is partially obstructed. Long reach enables each of the telehandlers to work around job site obstacles. Frame leveling of as much as 10 degrees allows the operator to more quickly place loads when working on sloping terrain. 

Productive work environment

The TL-Series cab offers excellent site lines to the work area and boom to promote efficient operation. Cab entry and exit is easy and convenient due to the single step design. A suspension seat enhances operator comfort.

The control layout is simple and logical, and single joystick control is intuitive. The pilot-operated joystick allows three boom functions to operate simultaneously.  A separate control lever operates the auxiliary hydraulic functions and has an option for work tools requiring more than one hydraulic power source.

Versatility, for a wide range of chores

The TL-Series telehandlers feature an integrated toolcarrier interface available with a standard manual coupler or an optional hydraulic quick coupler. The system enables the operator to quickly and easily change work tools.

A wide range of work tools are available to meet most job site needs. Built for performance and durability, Cat work tools equip a telehandler to perform a variety of jobs.  Work tools include general purpose buckets, light materials buckets, material handling buckets, multi purpose buckets, grapple buckets, fixed carriages, rotate carriages, sideshift carriages, wide carriages, wide rotate carriages, pallet forks, block forks, lift hooks, truss booms, self-tipping hoppers and material handling arms.

For more information about Caterpillar telehandlers, customers should contact their local Caterpillar dealer or visit the Cat web site at

Basic Specifications for TL-Series Telehandlers






Engine model

Cat 3054C

Cat 3054C

Cat C4.4 TA

Cat C4.4 TA

Gross power

99 hp
(74.5 kW)

99 hp
(74.5 kW)

125 hp
(93.2 kW)

142 hp
(106 kW)

Net power

94.5 hp
(70.4 kW)

94.5 hp
(70.4 kW)

118.7 hp
(88.5 kW)

134.9 hp
(100.6 kW)

Operating weight

20,240 lb
(9180 kg)

27,050 lb
(12 274 kg)

34,700 lb
(15 740 kg)

35,400 lb
(16 057 kg)

Rated load capacity

6,500 lb
(2948 kg)

9,000 lb
(4082 kg)

10,000 lb
(4536 kg)

12,000 lb
(5443 kg)

Max. lift height

42 ft (12.8 m)

43 ft (13.1 m)

55 ft (16.8 m)

55 ft (16.8 m)

Max. forward reach

30.0 ft (9.1 m)

31.4 ft (9.6 m)

42.5 ft (12.9 m)

42.5 ft (12.9 m)

Top travel speed

20.4 mph
(30.0 kph)

17.6 mph
(28.3 kph)

18.9 mph
(30.4 kph)

18.9 mph
(30.4 kph)

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