Toro® TRX Trenchers Get More Done in Less Time

Updated Apr 5, 2010

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (March 2, 2009) Rental store owners are noticing their customers™ projects are getting done faster and more efficiently using the new Toro® TRX-15 and TRX-19 tracked, walk-behind trenchers.


Rental dealers want to offer an economical ” and simple ” trenching solution to their customers, who are most often professional contractors supplementing their existing equipment fleet or do-it-yourself homeowners, says Greg Lawrence, product marketing manager for Toro™s compact utility equipment. The TRX is much easier to use than other types of trenchers ” with three simple controls that operate all traction and trenching functions. This set-up allows both contractors and homeowners to quickly learn and master this system.


The result is increased productivity, allowing rental customers to get more work done in less time. One of our customers figured he™d need a full day to complete his project, says Doug Pierson, owner of Stoels Rental in Great Falls, Mont. He was back with the machine in five hours. It was maybe a little more than four hours of work when he had planned on eight. That™s a great value.


Because the controls are identical to those used on the popular Toro Dingo® compact utility loaders, operators are less intimidated by the Toro trenchers™ control system ” three simple controls operate all traction and trenching functions. Both the 15- and 19-hp models deliver powerful performance with their four-cycle, V-twin engines.


It™s hands-down much faster to move around, get positioned, set and dig, adds Pierson. Because of the tracks, it™s easier for our customers to get around the jobsite and over rougher terrain with the TRX. Our customers are getting on and off jobs faster. 


We like that the controls on the new TRX are similar to the Dingo™s, reveals Ed Hutson, owner of Johnson Creek Rentals in Portland, Ore. It™s easier for our customers to adapt to it. The controls also make it easier to get the trencher on and off a trailer. The whole machine is just easier ” if I were to put a percentage on it, I™d say it™s probably 25 percent easier to operate than any other machine on the market.


Joe Haggert, outside salesperson for Revell Supply in Jackson, Miss., has noticed how much simpler it is for his customers to use the TRX trencher versus other models on the market. Electrical contractors are really impressed with how maneuverable Toro™s trenchers are. On average, it cuts down their time on the job by an hour, simply because it™s easier to get on and off the trailer and in position to dig the trench, says Haggert. Our customers are using the trenchers on short drops that they would have traditionally done by hand. Since the Toro TRX requires less effort to maneuver and travels faster, it™s now more efficient for them to trench in those short drops.


Simple, operator-friendly controls and superior performance also make these gas-powered machines more productive and easier to learn and operate than typical wheeled trenchers — providing significant benefits to rental yards, contractors and homeowners. We™ve been renting the Toro trencher to quite a few homeowners. It™s much easier to rent to these people because it™s a lot easier to operate. These homeowners are using it to bury wires and irrigation systems, explains Pierson of Stoels Rental.


For Patrick Conley, president of Equipment One in Tulsa, Okla., it™s the positive customer feedback he™s noticed. A lot of the contractors renting from us use the unit for plumbing and electrical applications. These guys were used to other trenchers, and after they use the Toro model, they tell us how much better it is.


To learn more about new Toro TRX walk-behind trenchers, visit your local Toro compact utility equipment dealer, contact The Toro Company at Toro Compact Utility Equipment, 8111 Lyndale Avenue South, Bloomington, MN 55420; call 1-800-Dig-Toro (1-800-344-8676); send an e-mail to mailto:[email protected], or visit, where you™ll also find your nearest dealer or rental store.


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