Model 51SLT Sage Oil Vac Lube Truck bed

The new Sage Oil Vac Lube Truck Bed can fit on the back of Class 5-7 trucks and has numerous tank configurations.  The Sage Oil Vac Lube Truck Bed features four 80 gallon fresh fluid tanks and one 80 gallon used fluid tank.  One new product tank is heated for added convenience.  The 51SLT features a 500 gallon fuel tank with 50 foot hose and a hydraulic pumping system.  The Sage Oil Vac Lube Truck Bed also features a 120-pound 50:1 grease system with 50 foot hose and hose reel.  A 10 gallon drain pan is included for non-quick connect applications.  Rollup doors are standard on the reel cabinets, and inside the cabinets, you will find 50™ hoses on spring retractable hose reels and preset digital meters.  Sage Oil Vac™s patented Used Filter Receptacle and Filter Stinger are standard with all Sage Oil Vac models.


The Sage Oil Vac Lube Truck Bed features our patented ˜No Pumps™ process of vacuuming used fluids and pressurizing the fresh fluid tanks.  An 8 HP Honda electric- start gas air compressor is used to create vacuum and pressure in the tanks.  A rear mounted Control Panel is located in one reel cabinet.  All controls and valves for creating vacuum and pressure are located on the panel and the key to start the air compressor is located here as well.  The Control Panel minimizes the need to climb up into the truck bed.  Underbody storage boxes provide 22.5 cubic feet of storage space and are lockable.  Work lights located on the reel cabinets allow for evening maintenance routines.


We have built Lube Truck Beds in the past for custom orders, and we decided that the beds would be a nice complement to our current products, states Aaron Sage, COO of Sage Oil Vac.  Lube Truck Beds allow us to meet the needs of customers who want fuel and a dedicated lube truck.


Truck featured is a 2008 GMC W5500HD diesel truck with a rating of 19,500 GVW.


Truck Bed Features:

  • (1) 80 gallon used fluid tank

  • (4) 80 gallon new product tanks 1 tank is heated

  • 500 gallon fuel tank

  • 120 lb. 50:1 grease system

  • 10 gallon drain pan

  • 50™ hoses and spring retractable hose reels

  • 50™ air hose and reel

  • Preset digital meters

  • 8 HP Honda electric start gas air compressor 20 cfm

  • Rollup doors on reel cabinets

  • Underbody storage boxes with 22.5 cubic feet of storage space

  • Work lights

 Please call Sage Oil Vac toll free at 877-OIL-VACS or visit their website at for more information.




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