Komatsu Introduces the WD600-6 with Tier 3 Engine

Rolling Meadows, IL, October 5, 2009”Komatsu America Corp. introduces the new WD600-6 wheel dozer equipped with a Tier 3 compliant engine.  The 108,280 pound WD600-6 is designed to work with either a straight blade or U blade in many applications.  It offers improved productivity, lower fuel consumption and increased reliability.


The WD600-6 is powered by a Komatsu Tier 3, SAA6D170E-5 six-cylinder engine, which produces 502 HP at 1,800 RPM, a significant increase in horsepower over the previous model.  Komatsu™s Tier 3 engine is equipped with innovative new technologies including an electronic control system to optimize vehicle performance; a heavy-duty High Pressure Common Rail Fuel Injection System; a new combustion system for reduced noise and fuel consumption; a cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation system and an air-to-air charge air-cooling system.  The WD600-6™s engine comes standard with dual-mode engine power: an Economy mode for maximum fuel efficiency, and a Power mode for maximum productivity.


Designed for Operator Comfort

The WD600-6™s large operator™s cab has been ergonomically designed to provide the operator with more room and easy access to all switches and levers to minimize operator fatigue and improve productivity.  The cab features AJSS (Automatic Joy Stick Steering) which allows for easier and more accurate directional control.  An EPC (Electronic Pilot Control) mono-lever is provided for efficient control of the work equipment.  The operator™s cab comes with large fully-adjustable left and right armrests, increased fore and aft travel of the air ride seat and an automatic heater/defroster/AC. 


Komatsu developed a Level-2 ROPS/FOPS integral cabin with rubber and silicone viscous damping mounts to reduce cab vibration and noise levels.  The large-size flat glass windows provide maximum visibility. 


Exceptional Power and Productivity

For dozing applications, a new, large capacity torque converter with lock-up transmission provides increased productivity, faster cycle times and improved fuel consumption.  With a 3-element, single stage, double-phase torque converter and a full-powershift, planetary type transmission, travel speeds have increased over the previous model, with a forward top-speed of 23.4 mph and a reverse top-speed of 22.4 mph. 


The WD600-6 features a modulated clutch system with variable traction control.  This controls the tractive effort by allowing the operator to select from 100 percent to 20 percent of the T/C converter output. In limited traction situation, the operator can reduce tire slippage by utilizing the Variable Traction Control system. The modulation clutch, controlled by the left pedal, allows for smooth reduction of speed when approaching a truck or hopper, reduction of shocks when shifting from forward to reverse and can reduce tire slippage as well.


The WD600-6 is equipped with variable displacement piston pumps and CLSS (Closed Load Sensing System for maximum blade control during both single and simultaneous blade. In addition, the wheel dozer is outfitted with auxiliary steering, high pressure in-line filters and a new fully hydraulic braking system, including a wet-disc parking brake. The brakes are completely sealed to keep out contaminants and reduce wear and maintenance.


Equipment Monitoring Features

The WD600-6 includes Komatsu™s EMMS (Equipment Management Monitoring System), which displays 28 different machine functions including fluid/filter change intervals and trouble-shooting memory display functions such as engine oil levels and coolant temperature. 


The WD600-6 is also equipped with Komatsu™s Vehicle Health Monitoring System (VHMS) which allows owners/operators to remotely monitor the health of major machine components as well as the machine™s condition and operations.  The VHMS system enables downloaded machine data to be transmitted via the Internet and reviewed by Komatsu and distributor service personnel.  VHMS was designed to help reduce repair costs and maintain optimal machine availability by helping prevent unscheduled downtime.


Komatsu America Corp. is a U.S. subsidiary of Komatsu Ltd. which is the world™s second largest manufacturer and supplier of construction, mining and compact construction equipment.  Through its distributor network, Komatsu offers a state-of-the-art parts and service program to support the equipment. Komatsu has proudly been providing high-quality reliable products for nearly a century.  Visit the website at www.komatsuamerica.comfor more information.

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