Vermeer BC1200XL designed for durability and performance

Power and innovation are at the heart of the new BC1200XL brush chipper from Vermeer. Available with either an 85-hp (63.4 kW) or 110-hp (82.0 kW) Cummins Tier 3 diesel engine, the BC1200XL easily processes material up to 12 inches (30.5 cm) in diameter, and its patented productivity enhancements help make the job easier.


The BC1200XL features dual-horizontal offset feed rollers that improve chipping performance by aggressively grabbing and feeding material to the chipper drum. The offset feature helps the upper feed roller climb over logs and branchy material while a dual-pump hydraulic system delivers a theoretical 3600 lb (1632.9 kg) of pull-in force for heavy work.


A hydraulic down-pressure feature on the upper feed roller allows the BC1200XL to crush material, improving the feed roller “bite” into logs and branches. By using a manual control valve, the operator can adjust the amount of down-pressure as needed.


Premature wear to the belt drive system is reduced by a clutchless PTO system that prevents high-idle engagement of the cutter drum. The belt drive, integrated with the throttle, can be engaged only while the engine is at a low rpm. Once engaged the engine automatically throttles up to full rpm.


The Vermeer patented SmartFeed system monitors engine rpm and automatically stops or reverses the rollers when feeding larger hardwood material. Plus, it senses feed roller jams and responds by automatically shifting material back and forth, reducing the need to manually manipulate the control bar. The Bottom Feed Stop Bar is strategically located to make it possible for the operator to strike the bar and shut off the feed, either intentionally or automatically, in an emergency situation. A reset button on each side of the infeed housing allows for easy system reset if the bar is tripped.


A removable choker chain can be detached from the winch line and carried out to the log, allowing the operator to easily attach the choker chain to a log compared to hook-on cable designs.


The BC1200XL also features a winch interlock hook that stores the winch line out of the normal material flow and protects it from being snagged and pulled into the chipper during normal operation. It also prevents simultaneous pulling out of the winch line while the feed rollers are operating, reducing the likelihood of the line being snagged and pulled into the chipper.


For more information on Vermeer products and services, visit the company™s Web site at or e-mail Vermeer at [email protected].

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