Caterpillar® Equipment Training Solutions Offers e-Learning Curriculum for Training Heavy Equipment Operators

The mission of Caterpillar Equipment Training Solutions is to help Cat® equipment users get the maximum return on investment through the delivery of operator training services. Caterpillar now offers new e-learning opportunities, as well as instructor led simulator-based, classroom and in-the-iron programs. The offerings provide the necessary building blocks to create a professional equipment operator career development program.

New Fuel Optimization Seminar
Equipment Training Solutions offers a new and timely training program”the Caterpillar Fuel Optimization and Performance Seminar. The new seminar trains equipment operators in ways to reduce costly fuel consumption while minimally affecting production. The instructor-led seminar includes operating techniques, proper inspection of equipment and eliminating small maintenance issues before they become major ones.

e-Learning Curriculum
The new e-Learning curriculum is full of tips and techniques on safety, machine inspection and operation. Technology-enabled learning creates a new type of classroom•one that is created when you log onto a website, insert a compact disc (CD) or join an instructor-led virtual class. This means learning when you want it, where you want it and in a format that is best for you. Accessible, immediate and focused on the individual, technology-enabled learning is a key component of our continual learning environment.

The e-Learning curriculum now includes eleven new Operator Training CDs that address the fundamentals of machine operation, safety, maintenance and operating procedures. Designed for beginning operators, technicians and equipment owners (or for anyone wanting to learn about machine-operating basics), these new training modules include a knowledge-self-check exercise at the end of each unit and a final examination at the end of the program, allowing students to print results. In addition, interactive exercises keep students involved in the learning process. Each CD also provides a resource section, which includes tailgate safety presentations, cab and control orientation, machine literature and links to Caterpillar websites. Eleven training modules are available for order; note the specific application and specific models covered in each CD.

Hydraulic Excavators
TERV2003 e-Learning CD General Construction (301.5318C)
TERV2004 e-Learning CD Heavy Construction (320B350)
TERV2005 e-Learning CD Quarry-Mining (365B5230B)

Off-Highway Trucks
TERV3018 e-Learning CD Heavy Construction-Quarry (769C775F)
TERV3019 e-Learning CD Mining (777B797B)

Wheel Loaders
TERV4003 e-Learning CD General Construction (904B936G)
TERV4004 e-Learning CD Heavy Construction (938F980H)
TERV4005 e-Learning CD Quarry-Mining (988H994F)

Track-Type Tractors
TERV6003 e-Learning CD General Construction (D3GD5G)
TERV6004 e-Learning CD Heavy Construction (D6TD8T)
TERV6005 e-Learning CD Quarry-Mining (D9TD11R)

Virtual Training System
The Virtual Training System, using simulators, is another key tool for training operators. Current simulators include hydraulic excavators, motor graders, off-highway trucks, wheel loaders and wheel tractor scrapers. These innovative training solutions, which include cost effective PC-based simulators, deliver benefits throughout your operation:

  • Enhanced safety No risk to trainees, instructors, site personnel, machines or property.
  • Reduced production loss Minimized use of production machines for training.
  • Increased production Enhanced information retention and productivity upon beginning work.
  • Reduced costs Improved applicant screening, reduced training supervision and training time, and lower machine operating costs.
  • Flexibility No limitations due to equipment or site availability, or weather conditions.
  • Record keeping Performance can be tracked and retained for employee files.

Instructor-led Programs
Caterpillar Equipment Training Solutions also offers instructor-led training programs to make your best operators even better. These professional operator-training programs are available for a wide variety of industries and machines and are designed to refine and enhance the experienced, heavy-machine operator”s skills. Instructors are experts in their fields.

The instructor-led courses offer much more than the customary orientation training offered at time of machine delivery. Your equipment investment pays greater dividends when it is put to skillful use. To learn more about all the training options available, visit, or contact your Caterpillar dealer.

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