Oly-Ola Introduces Extra Pre-cut Staking Slots on Super-EdgTM 100-foot Coil Low Profile Landscape Edging

Villa Park, IL – Oly-Ola Edgings, Inc., the leading producer of US made premium grade commercial paver restraints and landscape edgings, announces that they have added more pre-cut staking slots to their 100 foot  Super-EdgTM Landscape Edging Rolls.  The additional staking slots are pre-cut into the edging every two feet.  The increase in pre-cut slots gives landscape contractors more options and the flexibility to decide where to place stakes depending on specific project needs.

Oly-Ola provides 25 stakes and two connectors in their 100-foot Super-Edg Roll package.  To securely hold more elaborate installations and designs with lots of joints and curves, Oly-Ola  recommends using extra stakes.

Oly-Ola’s Super-Edg is constructed of 100% recycled poly/vinyl material and provides a strong and durable landscape border that is virtually invisible. Super-Edg has the look of metal but is safer-to-use and easier to install and transport.

Super-Edg landscape edging’s 6 inch deep low profile design creates a distinct border that enhances the landscape design, never creating a distraction from the finished design. Super-Edg landscape edging can be used in multiple applications: defining landscape beds, forming and containing creatively shaped logos and landscape designs, edging flowerbeds, maintaining fence bases, and separating dirt, debris and water from walkways.

Super-EdgTM Roll is sold exclusively through landscape distribution centers, landscape contractors,   independent nurseries and garden centers.
Oly-Ola Edgings, Inc was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in Villa Park, Illinois, USA. It is America’s number one producer of the most complete line of polyethylene/vinyl edgings and paver restraints. Made with 100% recycled materials, Oly-Ola has 11 edging styles available. Their products are sold exclusively through landscape distribution centers, landscape contractors, architects and independent nursery/garden centers.

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