Ecolawn Self Propelled Top Dresser / Compost Spreader

 The Ecolawn self propelled top dresser is a multi-purpose motorized applicator intended for turf care professionals.  The Ecolawn can spread all kinds of soil mixes with ease, including top soil, compost, manure, organic fertilizers, lime and sand.

At the design level, the Ecolawn is based on mechanical systems drawn from heavy top dresser that are used on sports fields.  Thanks to a stable wheelbase and rear wheel, the Ecolawn top dresser is easy to control; 34 inches wide, self-propelled by a 5.5 HP Honda engine, polythene hopper / 11.5 cu.ft. load, throttle, traction, metering gate, independent and easy access for adjustments.

Reliable, economical, and easy to maintain, Ecolawn top dresser is considered the best mini top dresser for residential and commercial use available on the market.

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