Pro-Tech Introduces Switchblade Containment Plows

Rochester, N.Y. — Pro-Tech introduces the Switchbladeä to its line of Sno Pusher containment plows. With its ability to switch between a rubber edge and steel trip edge, the Switchblade can handle changing weather and jobsite conditions without having to change plows. This unmatched versatility makes the unit ideal for serious snow and ice management professionals looking to increase productivity with snow pushers.

The steel edge of the Switchblade features Pro-Tech’s patented IST technology, which includes a steel edge mounted on a specially blended memory urethane. When an obstruction is hit, the edge flexes and snaps back to its original angle in a smooth, non-shocking trip action. Compared with traditional trip edge systems that use springs or hinges, IST reduces maintenance concerns as well as the risk of breaking. Because the new design uses a cutting edge that spans the entire width of the unit, the Switchblade eliminates snow trails at its sides. Furthermore, the wear shoes have been redesigned to cut through hard snowpack, keeping the edge in contact with the surface at all times.

When dealing with wet, heavy snow or surfaces that are sensitive to steel edges, the Switchblade can be easily flipped to push with a rubber edge, which acts as a squeegee to produce a clean pass. This edge is made from a 20-year-proven compound that adheres to the highest quality standards and requires low maintenance.

A total of 12 Switchblade models are available for attaching to any make of loader, backhoe or skid steer. The 10- to 18-foot loader models are capable of pushing 12 to 23 cubic yards of snow in one pass, respectively. The 10- to 14-foot backhoe models can push 9 to 13 cubic yards, and the 6- to 12-foot skid steer models can handle 5 to 11 cubic yards.

Like all of Pro-Tech’s products, the Switchblade is engineered for simplicity and reliability. The unit features heavy-duty construction with few moving parts, resulting in minimum maintenance. It also comes with a 10-year limited warranty, a competitive price tag and an industry-leading free freight program.

Options include a variety of wear shoes and a level gauge. Binder kits are available for backhoe and loader models, and skid steer products can be equipped with a quick-attach mounting system.

Besides the Switchblade models, Pro-Tech also offers a full line of rubber edge and steel trip-edge containment plows for loaders, backhoes, skid steers, and compact tractors.

Founded in 1991, Pro-Tech is the industry-leading manufacturer of commercial-duty containment plows. In addition to these products, the company offers a line of snow removal attachments, including blowers, brooms and blades. Pro-Tech takes pride in its proven value, offering a combination of low price, high quality and ready availability to the market. For more information, contact Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution, 711 West Avenue, Rochester, NY 14611, call 888-787-4766, e-mail [email protected], or visit

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