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Sensera Systems

Sensera Systems, Inc., a provider of solutions for real-time jobsite intelligence, has announced the launch of its complete site security solution. The full solution includes the compact solar-powered SiteWatch Pro3 camera, the newly-released TalkDown deterrence kit, and professional monitoring services all enabled through Sensera’s SiteCloud software. Sensera Systems now offers comprehensive jobsite security coverage and meets risk compliance for projects of any size. 

“Construction costs continue to rise across the board — and tools, materials, and equipment must be protected on the jobsite,” said Robert Garber, CEO Sensera Systems. “General contractors and project managers need the power of jobsite intelligence to meet builder risk insurance requirements and give their customers peace of mind. Sensera Systems’ energy efficient solution, complemented by our cloud-based technology, provides contractors with the simple-to-deploy monitoring and security they’ve been asking for.”

Sensera Systems’ complete security solution brings together detection, deterrence and response in one flexible, reliable, and affordable offering. This means simplified site coverage and a lower cost of implementation for contractors, eliminating complexities that can result from patching disparate security features together. Sensera Systems’ professional security monitoring gives construction site professionals confidence in protecting their assets while meeting Builder’s Risk insurance requirements.

Sensera Systems’ complete site security offering delivers the following benefits to customers:

  • Complete monitoring support through the combination of video, audio, and automation technology alongside human interactivity.
  • Sustainable construction practices through solar power, preventing the need to run costly trenches along a site for power.
  • Flexibility and portability through simplified set up, requiring no professional installation of cameras during construction.
  • Central command and control through integration with SiteCloud.
  • Reduced dispatch costs through thermal sensing, threat verification and TalkDown deterrence.

To learn about how you can deploy the Sensera Systems’ security solution with TalkDown, please visit

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