Nebraska subject of Irrigation Association case study

The University of Nebraska at Lincoln has joined forces with the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, the Nebraska Environmental Trust and four state-based center pivot manufacturers to conduct the Center Pivot Water Conservation Project during July’s national Smart Irrigation Month.

In response to a call two years ago from Gov. Dave Heineman, and former director of DNR, Ann Bleed, the university has prepared a three-part seminar with the major center pivot manufacturers to curb unsustainable agricultural irrigation practices from improper center pivot operations.

The four Irrigation Association center pivot manufacturers, Lindsay Corporation of Omaha, Reinke Manufacturing in Deshler, T-L Irrigation in Hastings and Valmont Irrigation of Valley will train their dealers to educate consumers on sustainable center pivot irrigation techniques with DVD and live seminar presentations.

Participating dealers are expected to conduct informational sessions from November to February geared toward Republican River Valley and Central Platte River area customers.

The agricultural industry is one of the top surface water usages in Nebraska. Due to high water usage, certain areas are forced to reduce water intake when other areas increase usage. Leaders of the initiative believe by properly educating center pivot users, a large portion of the problem can be remedied.

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