Bayer fungicide now registered for golf course turf

Bayer Environmental Science announces its new fungicide, Chipco Triton Flo, is registered for disease control in golf course turf. The product provides broad-spectrum, systemic, residual disease control of turf diseases like anthracnose, brown patch and dollar spot. The active ingredient used in Chipco Triton Flo is triticonazole, formulated with Bayer’s StressGard technology.

According to Bayer, the StressGard technology allows the fungicide to improve a plant’s health by maintaining greater root mass and healthier top growth, even under heat stress conditions. The fungicide can also be used as a preventive treatment, and has shown good results in university and golf course trials on bentgrass, Poa annua and zoysiagrass turf.

Chipco Triton Flo’s active ingredient works by disrupting membrane function and disease growth. It is quickly absorbed by roots, crown or shoots, and it cannot be washed off once dried on the leaf surface.

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