Caterpillar offsets CO2 emissions from Bauma 2010 Stand

Updated Feb 20, 2013

Caterpillar today announced that it offset the 1,182 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions created by the 9,500 meters squared Caterpillar Zeppelin stand at bauma. Carbon offsets represent the reduction of greenhouse gases in one location – such as through a project – to offset emissions produced in another. The offsets support a coal mine methane (CMM) capture project at the decommissioned Minister Achenbach coal mine in Luenen-Brambauer, Germany.

“Sustainability isn’t just a buzz word, it’s a new paradigm to running a smart, forward-thinking business. The carbon offset of our bauma stand is consistent with the eco-minded practices we use in our factories and offices around the world every day. Our long term goal is to help customers be more sustainable in the industries in which they work,” said Paolo Fellin, vice president of EAME distribution, in a press release. “It’s our responsibility to help set the example through actions like this offset.”

Caterpillar partnered with, the leading nonprofit carbon reduction and climate solutions organization, to calculate the emissions sources and totals. The emissions being offset come from transportation of staff and equipment, electricity and paper use, lodging, and meals. All carpet, wood, metal, glass, cardboard and paper will be sorted and recycled to minimize waste when the stand is dismantled.

Event Staffing Footprint – 142 tonnes

503 Caterpillar, Zeppelin and support staff

Estimated travel by car – 24,864 km

Estimated air travel – 892,220 km

Hotel nights – 1,683

Staff meals – 7,217

Machine Shipment Footprint – 205 tonnes

55 machines and 48 worktools shipped from factories to bauma

Average weight per truck shipment – 17,490 kg

Average distance by truck shipment – 975 km

Average weight per sea shipment – 14,705 kg

Average distance by sea shipment – 8,650 km

Electricity Footprint – 820 tonnes

Estimated electricity use* – 1,640,653 KwH

Paper Footprint – 15 tonnes

Estimated amount of branded bags and product literature to be distributed – 5,135 kg

Methane, a byproduct of coal mining, is a greenhouse gas about 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide (CO2). The methane leaking from the Achenbach coal mine has a concentration of 60 percent and is therefore well suited for power generation. A Caterpillar 3516TA 1.043 MWEL genset is installed to capture and generate electricity for the public power grid. The project reduces 24,099 metric tonnes of CO2e (equivalent units of CO2) from the atmosphere each year. The project has been certified to the internationally accepted Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS). President Eric Carlson said, “We are excited to partner with Caterpillar to help the international company reduce its carbon footprint and attain its sustainability goals. Supporting methane capture and clean power generation helps fight climate change while investing in a clean energy future.”

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