Bergkamp names Carolina Industrial Equipment as new pothole patcher dealer

Updated Feb 20, 2013

Salina, Kan.-based Bergkamp Inc. has named Carolina Industrial Equipment (CIE) as its new all-in-one Flameless Pothole Patcher dealer in North Carolina and South Carolina.

CIE has built a reputation for providing long-lasting equipment solutions, training and service for municipalities and DOT’s in its territory. The company has a dedicated team of salespeople and service technicians that provide personal service and on-site support.

The permanent pothole patching method produced by Bergkamp’s Flameless Pothole Patchers is already very popular in the area, so CIE is confident that this environmentally friendly equipment should be a good fit for its customers, according to Bergkamp.

Bergkamp and CIE are performing personal demonstrations on local streets and parking lots that include a full tutorial of the machine’s all-in-one process and the benefits of its flameless technology.

“Most customers in the Carolinas buy based on personal relationships they have built with a dealer,” said Bill Cooper, Bergkamp’s vice president, in a written statement. “We talked with many government officials throughout the area and all of them had great things to say about CIE and their team. Plus, there are many municipalities with older patchers that could benefit from this advanced equipment, so it is an ideal fit for the current market.”

Bergkamp claims its Flameless Pothole Patchers drastically reduce material waste with an insulated electric-heated hopper that keeps asphalt at a constant temperature and pliable for an extended period of time. A variety of tools on the back of each unit provide an all-in-one process that has proven to produce longer lasting pothole repairs versus the “throw and roll” method.

“Most of the municipalities and DOT’s we work with prefer and agree that the all-in-one process is the best way to patch a pothole and make it last,” said Jody Moses, sales manager of municipal products for CIE, in a written statement “We want to continue to advance our current trustworthy relationships with those that are in charge of street maintenance and we feel this is the best pothole patcher currently available to do so.”

Carolina Industrial Equipment, Inc. serves North Carolina, South Carolina, eastern Tennessee and southern Virginia. The company provides a variety of industrial and municipal products including, tow tractors, utility vehicles, street sweepers, snow plows and leaf blowers.

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