Landscapers are still feeling the pain at the pump

Updated Feb 19, 2013

Although gas prices have dropped in some locations, landscapers are still feeling the strain from the increased price of fuel, with the national average being $1.06 above the price this time last year.

The high fuel prices are driving some landscapers to consider implementing a fuel surcharge, something Mike Whiting of Affordable Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance said he had never considered until now.

“In my seven years, we’ve never had a surcharge, but this year we’ve decided if gas gets to a certain point, we will have to attach a surcharge,” he said to the Columbus Telegram.

Many landscapers’ contract prices for services don’t reflect the fuel price increase. Along with a surcharge, crews are also trying to stack projects together to cut back on the number of trips they have to make and paying closer attention to the amount of gas they are using.

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