Vitamin Institute founder to celebrate 100th birthday

Updated Feb 19, 2013

The inventor of the vitamin-hormone solution Superthrive, John A. A. Thomson, will celebrate his 100th birthday Nov. 23.

Thomson developed the Superthrive formula in 1939 and founded Vitamin Institute to market and sell it. Seventy-two years later, he still is active in the operations.

The non-toxic, liquid concentrate contains 50 vitamins and hormones and serves as an activator, reviver, trans/planter, extra grower and perfecter.

Holding a Ph.D. in biochemistry, Thomson has collected awards and commendation for his lifetime work, including the Science & Industry Gold Medal at The Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Lawn & Garden Marketing & Distribution Association.

When asked about his primary philosophy of life, Thomson sums it up by saying, “My whole idea is to try to leave the world better off for wherever I touch it.”

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